Diana Schnetgöke


Assessment centers turn to gaming

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What springs to mind when you hear the words ‘assessment center’? A day where nervously perspiring applicants are invited to prove themselves before a panel of sharp-eyed observers? Since 2018, Deutsche Telekom has adopted a very different approach for its trainee program “Start up!”, and has introduced a series of computer games, known as minigames, to aid the assessment process.

Mobile phone is held in hands

Take the next step toward your future career: Our game-based assessment can now be completed at home, as part of the application process for our Start up! trainee program.

True to our motto as employers, “Think bigger!”, we want to make our selection process even more accurate while appealing to potential new recruits. By introducing fast, fun and practical games that can be played digitally at home on a smartphone, ipad or computer, we want to draw graduates, junior staff and young professionals even more effectively into the application process.

But how can a few minutes of play help us to assess a candidate’s suitability for a future role? In these games, candidates must overcome a series of challenges which are tailored to the requirements of the job. Up to 2,000 data points may be fed into various algorithms, depending on which aspects are relevant to the application process. This builds up a detailed picture of each individual candidate in relation to the specific skills, cognitive abilities and personality characteristics required for that particular job. The effective protection of all personal data was a key priority when developing these games.

A win-win situation for both sides

This digital part of the assessment center offers numerous benefits for both sides. Firstly, it eliminates cheating – game sequences must be completed against the clock, and the precise insights gleaned are a company secret ;-). Secondly, this fairness is also reflected in the recruiters, because this part of the application process is impressively objective. What’s more, there is plenty of flexibility for candidates, as they can conveniently participate from home.

It's all in the mix

Our recipe for success is a unique blend of conventional techniques and fresh, innovative approaches. If you are one of the shortlisted applicants, the next step is an invitation to the assessment center with a link to the minigames. Once you have played the minigames (which can be played at home, for example), you have already completed half of the assessment center! All that is left is to attend our Telekom Career Center for the conventional part of the assessment lasting half a day. The results of both elements will be considered and evaluated immediately, providing us with valuable information about your suitability as a candidate for the job in question.

If you manage to overcome all these hurdles, you will be interviewed the same day (known as Hiring Day). If you can win our recruiters over in this final stage, they will be able to make a decision straight away, because they have already built up a comprehensive picture of you.

Best case, you leave with a trainee job offer. This eliminates nervous waiting time for applicants, and we gain a brand new talent!