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Award-winning talent communication as equals

Interaction with talented people and potential applicants on the labor market is the foundation when it comes to recruiting and the further success of the company which is only possible with committed employees. Potentialpark, the Swedish market research institute, has confirmed that we at Deutsche Telekom address talented people and potential applicants on the labor market in the right way and that we make excellent use of the diversity of the channels to reach talented people in the tech environment. Deutsche Telekom was given second place in the Online Talent Communication Study overall ranking.

Each year, Potentialpark examines the applicant communication approach of over 140 companies in Germany. Here, Potentialpark takes a close look at 14 communication channels and rates them using over 350 criteria defined by the target group itself. 

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What we do as Telekom Karriere, we do for candidates. The Potentialpark study proves our excellent applicant communication.

First place for the classical careers website

We consider the classical careers website to be a “safe harbor” for reliable, trusted company and career information, as well as vacancies. Yet again, Potentialpark claims that we have the best careers website in Germany. On our website, applicants are immediately able to find all information they need to make a decision on Deutsche Telekom as an employer. 

As a result of the pandemic, one topic really sticks out: Applicants consider it very important that companies are committed to sustainability and social topics. They want companies to make the world and society better with their actions. In concrete terms, candidates want to achieve something meaningful with their job and their role. And how does Deutsche Telekom do this? Our employees will tell you themselves.

First place for our dialog with candidates on our social media channels

For years, our social media and online commitments has been one of the best among German companies. 

However, it’s still worthwhile taking a differentiated look at our digital communication. On the one hand, career starters and experienced employees have been able to speak to us as well as get current company and careers information on their feed on platforms such as LinkedIn and XING for several years now.

On the other hand, however, the best way to address Generation Z is constantly changing. Facebook is stagnating and platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are really popular right now. Potentialpark has confirmed that we at Deutsche Telekom are keeping up with this level of dynamism really well with an excellent first place. As one of the first companies, we have been using TikTok since 2020 to let people know about our wide range of vocational training and dual study programs. Our apprentices and dual students show us their daily working routines and give us authentic insights on both Instagram and TikTok.

Germany and 2nd place are shown on the Potentialpark logo.

Telekom ranked second best in the overall ranking of the Potentialpark Online Communication Study.

Really good results in other categories

In addition to the careers website and social media, Potentialpark also takes a look at mobile communication. The primary focus here is a seamless user experience. Today, more than half the candidates make use of mobile devices to get information about us as a company or to apply to work for us. It’s essential that the tools work smoothly. Second place in the category of mobile communication and sixth place for applying online shows us that our consistent UX focus is bearing fruit with every technical further development. 

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