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Back to the Roots: Robin and Nina at University of Siegen

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Experts estimate that there is a worldwide shortage of around three million talents in the field of cyber security. Robin Fay, Security Consultant at Telekom Security, and I can't just sit there and watch any more. We were looking for promising candidates and were at the University of Siegen for this purpose. More than 20 interested bachelor students from the study courses Business Administration and Business Informatics listened to us. The aim is to introduce Telekom Security and to convince the students of our topics. 

Crypto fails and lessons learned.

Crypto fails and lessons learned.

So our 45-minute entertainment program included a short company presentation and a look at career opportunities. The lecture "Crypto Fails and Lessons Learned" provided insights into particularly exciting aspects of our work. None of the students ever heard the title "Security Consultant" before. Not to mention most of the technical terms we used. And believe me, I know exactly how the students must have felt. I felt similar at the beginning of my time here! Robin nevertheless managed to captivate the audience with his funny lecture about errors in the encryption of data. He even went through a Java code with the students. He tried to explain to them what distinguishes a good from a bad Ransomware. Super interesting, if you ask me. But of course, someone is always sitting at his laptop and has more important things to do instead of joining in 😉 Especially when the guest lecture doesn't start until 4 pm and it's already dark outside. Nevertheless, the motivation behind Robin's lecture has become clear: That you always have to think about what exactly you are doing for whom, so that they get a benefit. In addition, it is obvious that experience is valuable. That's why Robin is always happy to pass on his knowledge to young and even to old colleagues. And when information is missing, you have to think carefully about which sources to use to obtain them. Blog entries and Google searches are not always the right way. At the end we tried to pass on our "Magenta blood" via small gifts, flyers and personal conversations. In the hope that we will succeed in infecting one or the other with it.

Until the next insight into my daily work! In the meantime, take a closer look at the University of Siegen. Big university, great city and the best ice cream parlour in the world (see The Cyber Security counts on you!

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