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The network is the basis of our lives as well as our work. By providing a high-performance and secure infrastructure, we are building the pathway to the digital society. #digitalization #automation #cloudification #SoftwareDevelopment are all familiar concepts for you? Then join us – and help us to build the network of the future!

Help us to get Germany in shape for the future

Germany needs a fast, stable, future-proof digital infrastructure – whether for manufacturers, public administration, or private households. Lines based on the optical fiber technology are the right choice for the fixed-line network. Join us and help us to make sure – together with our competitors – that every household and every business in Germany is connected by a gigabit-capable FTTH (fiber to the home) connection by 2030.

Fiber Factory

Project by Telekom Technik

This is an example of an innovative network solution that you can work on with us. What is more, in addition to working on the physical construction of the infrastructure, you will also develop and implement a wide variety of customer projects, always with the aim of giving our customers the best network.


5G: Data communication in real time

5G connects the digital world with the tangible, physical world. It unleashes its full potential where many people or machines are operating side by side in close proximity. That is what drives us in our network build-out.

Technik News

What is new at Telekom Technik? #Digitalization, #Networkbuildout, and #Customersolutions are developing at a blinding pace. Stay on track with us.

Your choice

Actor and filmmaker George Clooney in conversation with Barbara Schöneberger and Hagen Rickmann.


Digital X 2023: Feeling the digital pulse of the...

3 days

Telekom commercially launches network APIs


Telekom commercially launches network APIs

5 days

"5G Live Video Production" is going on sale. The service brings very stable upload rates for live broadcasts.


Telekom's 5G network slicing brings mobile TV...

6 days

Prototype of the new mobile cell tower solution


Deutsche Telekom presents “cell tower to go” at...

1 week

A child sits at a desk and plays computer games. Keyboard and mouse glow in magenta.


The best of both worlds - surf faster at home...

2 weeks

"Campus Network Smart" offers a standardized solution for private 5G networks, based on Microsoft Azure.


Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft launch 5G Private...

2 weeks

Our employees and their jobs

At Telekom Technik, we offer you a broad spectrum of jobs with technical expertise. #SoftwareEngineer, #DevelopmentOperationsEngineer, #Technician, #Installer, #SolutionDesigner … and many more! Take a look at our job search.
Our employees will give you a first impression in their interviews and videos. 

How we bring our culture to life

Once a year, we celebrate our culture - our so called Living Culture Day. Our Living Culture Day focuses on our six Guiding Principles and our purpose. Just as the rest of the Group, we at Telekom Technik won’t stop until everyone can #takepart. In our “Together Remix”, employees from around the world demonstrate what it means and what it feels like to work at Germany’s largest telco provider. Because this is something we are proud of.


Reasons for a career at Telekom Technik

In addition to flexible working hours, a modern working environment, and great colleagues, Telekom Technik also offers another 14 days off, among other benefits. Are you interested in a technical job? Then take a look at our Job search or contact us directly.

Time off


As a full-time employee covered by collective agreements at Telekom Technik, you will enjoy another 14 days off (in addition to the annual leave specified in the collective agreements). The option of part-time employment or banking your hours in a lifetime work account are other benefits for arranging your free time.
Individual Training


All employees have access to more than 50,000 items of learning content in a variety of formats, to around 300 training measures exclusively for Telekom Technik employees and the possibility to obtain certificates.


Thanks to flexible working hour regulations and mobile working, we will support your efforts at striking a balance between your job and your personal life, to help you mastering the challenges of everyday life.
Attractive Remuneration


In addition to fair pay, based on negotiated collective agreements, we also offer options for company pension schemes, sustainable mobility solutions like bike leasing, and even a variety of discounts that you will enjoy as our employee.

Can’t get enough of technology? Then you’re in the right place. Here are our current job offers.

46 current vacancies at Telekom Technik

Karlsruhe, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Leiter (m/w/d) Technik Niederlassung Südwest

Hamburg, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Leiter (m/w/d) Produktions- und Betriebsmanagement (PBM) in der Technik Niederlassung Nord

Saarbrücken, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Leiter (m/w/d) Produktion Technische Infrastruktur (PTI 11 Saarbrücken) Niederlassung Südwest

Bochum, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Fuhrpark und Baugerätemanager (m/w/d) Tiefbau Glasfaser

Bochum, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Personaleinsatzplaner (m/w/d) Disponent Tiefbau Glasfaser

Fulda (+), Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Bauleiter (m/w/d) Tiefbau Glasfaser

Bochum, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Betriebsleiter (m/w/d) Tiefbau Glasfaser

Ingolstadt, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Techniker (m/w/d)

Darmstadt (+), Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Praktikum / Flexikum Software Engineer

Darmstadt (+), Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

DevOps Engineer (m/w/d) Cloud/IMS

Your career contacts for Telekom Technik

Do you have questions about the career opportunities we offer at Telekom Technik? Would you like to hear more about a specific position or team? Write to our recruitment spcialist or to our experts. 

Antje Truetsch

Antje Truetsch

Lead Recruiting TC-Division and Public Sector

Frank Nussbächer

Frank Nussbächer

Super Chapter Lead for IP-Core

Markus Beckmann

Markus Beckmann

Regional Branch Manager of Technik Niederlassung Süd