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Jobs in AI

From chatbot through to fiber rollout: Deutsche Telekom uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make everyday life easier as well as more effective and secure. For customers, businesses, and employees.

Why AI needs ethical “guide rails”

Deutsche Telekom defines its own policy for the use of artificial intelligence.

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AI insider

Francisco, Advanced Analytics Consultant

Francisco, Advanced Analytics Consultant

„As a navigation tool, Digital Ethics is intended to help us transport the values of the analog world into the digital world.“

Manuela Mackert, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Deutsche Telekom AG
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Platform for AI developers

Developing artificial intelligence with the help of Open Telekom Cloud.

Deutsche Telekom provides AI developers with the ModelArts platform from the Open Telekom Cloud. A free trial of the beta version allows users to try out the platform. Using the auto learning function, developers can train their AI models with one click and use additional programs such as Tensorflow, PyTorch, Mindspore, MXNet, and Caffe.

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Illustration of the Open Telekom Cloud

Current AI projects

Robot in front of an illustrated coordinate system

AI and quantum technologies
As part of the PlanQK project (platform and ecosystem for quantum-assisted artificial intelligence), Deutsche Telekom is researching and testing potential use cases of quantum-assisted AI from the perspective of a network operator. The project, which is a consortium of 15 partners, aims to develop a vendor-independent platform and an associated ecosystem for quantum-assisted artificial intelligence.
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Laboratory workers checked data on a tablet

Predictive maintenance in the industry
Predictive maintenance is one of the most popular application areas of predictive technologies. From the – ideally – large amount of process data collected in the production plant, an algorithm generates a prediction of expected disturbances, such as the failure of machine components. System downtimes can be shortened and the procurement of required spare parts can be accelerated as a result.
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Restart your career with algorithms

The New Skilling Academy gives employees an opportunity to develop and expand their skill set in areas like software, AI, and data science. In our interview, Markus van Ballegooy shares his experience of participating in a six-months internal training program on AI. This included learning the programming language Python, which then enabled him to develop and use algorithms.

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Markus van Ballegooy at his project workstation

Career opportunities in AI

Our AI team is an international and diverse group of experts working closely with the operational business units. Do you have experience with agile methods such as SAFe and Design Thinking? Do you have expertise in areas such as DevOps/MLOps, the API-first approach, Deep Learning, AI technologies as well as API design and cloud native developments? Become one of us and help us shape the AI landscape of the future.

7 Current job offers in the AI environment

Bonn (+), Deutsche Telekom AG

Junior Experience Designer (m/f/d)

Frankfurt am Main (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Software Architect (m/w/d)

Frankfurt am Main (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Senior Software-Architect (m/w/d)

Frankfurt am Main (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Senior Customer Success Engineer Public Cloud (m/w/d)

Frankfurt am Main (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Consultant im Bereich Solution Design Cloud Application Operations (m/w/d)

Frankfurt am Main (+), T-Systems International GmbH

Senior Consultant im Bereich Solution Design Cloud Application Services (m/w/d) Developer Services

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom Systems Solutions Slovakia s.r.o

Senior Software Developer/Architect (German Contract)

Your career contact for AI

Do you have questions about the AI career opportunities we c offer ? Would you like to know more about a specific role or team? Write to our AI recruiting expert.

Angela Linker

Angela Linker


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