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Smart dialog system Laura, an avatar on a display.


Business GPT: Deutsche Telekom as a trusted...

5 weeks

Deutsche Telekom AG Shareholders‘ Meeting April 10, 2024


Deutsche Telekom looks to the future with...

7 weeks

Business GPT: Deutsche Telekom makes generative AI safe for business


Business GPT: Deutsche Telekom makes generative...

11 weeks

Artificial Intelligence – T-Systems offers strategy consulting for companies.


Artificial Intelligence: T-Systems offers strategy...

14 weeks

Illustration: Robot with a book


What is Generative Artificial Intelligence?

14 weeks

Available T-Phone without apps. Instead, an AI listens to the user's wishes.


AI phone: Deutsche Telekom wants to free...

14 weeks

What happened so far

Since 2016, Deutsche Telekom’s Digital Responsibility Initiative has been focusing on artificial intelligence and examining the topic from various perspectives.