Keep calm – it's just technology!

We all tend to believe that technology will somehow do something for us when ultimately it is only our own responsibility and very very complex politics and compromises that can create any betterment. Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier

Interview with Jaron Lanier, Internet pioneer, entrepreneur, writer and musician

“To the degree you believe that digital technology does anything by itself, then it has fooled you. Everything is still done by people and only human responsibility can have any effect, whether positive or negative." In the interview Lanier explains, why he views such fears as unfounded.

Tom Hillenbrand

Interview with Tom Hillenbrand, author

Tom Hillenbrand on personal responsibility and intelligent machines: "What we need to remain aware of, however, is that our algorithms are made by people. And that the ways in which algorithms make decisions and classify things are thus all based on human assumptions. (…) In sum, we're probably going to have to save ourselves.“

Slideshow Digital responsibility

Slideshow: Technology changes, responsibility stays!

As far-reaching as the changes due to digitalization are the claim of responsibility has not changed with the introduction of new technologies - or has it? In our slide show, we contrast historical statements with current statements.