Deutsche Telekom’s guidelines for artificial intelligence

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These guidelines are self-binding. They define how we as Deutsche Telekom want to deal with artificial intelligence (AI) and how we will develop our AI-based products and services in the future.

Deutschen Telekom’s guidelines für artificial intelligence


AI is intended to extend and complement human abilities rather than lessen or restrict them. It must support our actions.

  1. We are responsible.
    Clear definition of who is responsible for which AI system.
  2. We care. 
    AI systems and their usage obey human-defined rules.
  3. We put our customers first. 
    Using AI to simplify our customers’ lives.
  4. We are transparent.
    Transparency about how we use customer data and AI.
  5. We are secure. 
    Our customers’ data is protected against unwanted external access.
  6. We set the framework.
    Good preparation precedes an excellent outcome.
  7. We maintain control.
    Continuous readiness to interfere in AI systems to prevent and/or reduce damage.
  8. We foster the cooperative model.
    Get advantages out of an cooperative and complementary model of human-machine interactions.
  9. We share and enlighten.
    Spreading knowledge about AI and teaching relevant skills.

Of course, we do not claim that our guidelines are some kind of silver bullet, but we do want to develop our policy further through continuing discussions that will help us achieve a broad consensus.

We look forward to broad feedback and a good discussion.

Here you’ll find a more detailed version of the guidelines (pdf, 120.2 KB).

Digital Responsibility

AI Guidelines

Deutsche Telekom defines its own policy for the use of artificial intelligence (AI).