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Verena Fulde

Spokesperson, Corporate Blogger

Verena Fulde tries to understand how to make innovation and what’s the (social) impacts of Digitization will be (keyword: digital responsibility initiative). If you want to know what’s the benefit of a partnering between big corporations and start-ups, why Telekom has offices in Silicon Valley and Israel, what the Telekom Design Gallery is, or what topics are researched by Telekom Innovation Laboratories, she is the right person to contact.

She studied German literature, history and politics, and found the way to Deutsche Telekom through the sponsoring of the T-Mobile cycling team. She managed the international communication for the team until doping put an abrupt end to it. Then she switched to more classic corporate themes.

Articles by Verena Fulde

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Israel - creative and candidly

Thinking about innovation and Israel, cyber security came first to mind. But the small country with 8.5 million people has more to offer when it comes to innovative solutions and products.



Cyber Security: Are we Atlantis 2 and heading toward oblivion?

Some people believe that digitization will lead to our own destruction. Is this science fiction, or a realistic scenario?

China and the algorithms


China and the algorithms

The Chinese "social credit score" shows how artificial intelligence can change our lives.


CloudStorm is latest hubraum investment

CloudStorm makes robotic process automation (RPA) for enterprise market clients.

ZEISS and Deutsche Telekom start Joint Venture


ZEISS and Deutsche Telekom start Joint Venture

The two partners each hold a 50 percent stake in the joint venture that will drive the development of Smart Glasses technology in the areas of optics and connectivity.