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Verena Fulde

Spokesperson, Corporate Blogger

Verena Fulde tries to understand how to make innovation and what’s the (social) impacts of Digitization will be (keyword: digital responsibility initiative). If you want to know what’s the benefit of a partnering between big corporations and start-ups, why Telekom has offices in Silicon Valley and Israel, what the Telekom Design Gallery is, or what topics are researched by Telekom Innovation Laboratories, she is the right person to contact.

She studied German literature, history and politics, and found the way to Deutsche Telekom through the sponsoring of the T-Mobile cycling team. She managed the international communication for the team until doping put an abrupt end to it. Then she switched to more classic corporate themes.

Articles by Verena Fulde

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Telekom Electronic Beats on Roblox


Telekom Electronic Beats to launch “Beatland” on Roblox

Metaverse experience with club, cinema, and record store.

Calls to Ukraine are now free of charge from Deutsche Telekom's public phones.


Telephone booths: Free phone calls to Ukraine

Calls to Ukraine are now free of charge from Deutsche Telekom's public phones.

Key Visual des Programms.


Ready for the Metaverse?

hubraum launches program for Snapdragon Spaces with Qualcomm and T-Mobile U.S.


hubraum starts „5G Early Access“ program in Berlin

Telekom opens APIs to its 5G functionalities ahead of public launch.

AI systems' ideas for the A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) and Harry Potter series.


Can artificial intelligence be creative?

Many people believe that artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to help us solve the pressing problems of our time. But can AI also be creative? We have compiled some examples of creative AI.