Artificial intelligence. Everything OK?


Claudia Nemat

AI Day: a retrospective

AI Day at the Deutsche Telekom Headquarters celebrated all things in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Frank Schätzing

AI creates space for empathy. Interview with Frank Schätzing

"My basic assumption is that we will be able to program AI to work to our benefit," says the best-selling author. In the interview, he explains what chances he sees in it for humanity.

Manuela Mackert

On chatbots: "Hello, who's there?"

Chatbots are practical, but also pose challenges. That's why we think bots should be instantly recognizable as such. Blog by Manuela Mackert, Chief Compliance Officer, Deutsche Telekom.

Manuela Mackert, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Deutsche Telekom AG

Birds of a feather flock together – or do they?

An article by Manuela Mackert, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and Head of Group Compliance Management Deutsche Telekom AG.

Susan Schneider

Are machines taking over? Interview with Susan Schneider

"If we can create something smarter than we can, what makes us think we can control it?" says Susan Schneider, Philosopher.

Chris Boos being interviewed.

“We do not all learn to be a programmer, we should learn philosophy.” Interview with Chris Boos

Chris Boos, businessman and AI expert on education, values and more free time.

“AI will enlighten our world.” Interview with

“I'm an optimist and I believe in humanity. And this new way of bringing about a better existence like the light has done for us, like electricity has done for us. AI would do the same.”, multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator 

Dorothee Bär

Artificial Intelligence ‚made in Germany’. Interview with Dorothee Bär

“People will prefer to ride in automobiles equipped with AI ‘Made in Germany’.” Video interview with Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digital Affairs in the Federal Chancellery.