“AI will enlighten our world.”

Video interview with, multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator.


How will digitization change our daily lifes? Digitization has connected us but disconnected us. And hopefully the next wave of digital technologies and tools don't pull us apart even more. Hopefully with the next wave we will be more connected people to people.

Thinking about the future: How will a normal day look like in 2050? 2050 maybe I have a little hearing aid or maybe I have earphones. And I’m having toughts and then I have this other intelligence I'm the equipped and powered with. I'm not for chipping people but I'm for empowering myself with AI in a form of a conversation.

Many people fear about AI. What would you say to them? If this was 1908 many people feared electricity. But it's brought light to our world, it's powered our world in amazing ways. And AI would do the same.
I'm an optimist and I believe in humanity. And this new way of bringing about a better existence like the light has done for us, like electricity has done for us. AI would do the same. 
But anything new will bring about concern – you know. But I believe in humanity a little too much to think that we're not going to be able to tame it. Right?
Think about a bear. How big it is compared to us. We fear little lions, we fear of these predators. And we cannot really compete with these fears. Predators that were born with freaking fangs and sharp claws. And we are all right. And the same way happened for AI. 

You recently talked about “Data Independence Day”. Could you explain this again? That’s coming. The data democracy. And the breaking up of the data monarchies in a good way. To empower people in their communities. Data is power. And power to the people.


Artificial intelligence. Everything OK?

Optimists hope that AI will solve all problems. Pessimists fear that AI will take over power. Who is right?