Artificial Intelligence



Interview with Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber, father of AI

For Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber, often described as the father of AI, it is given that emotional intelligence is already part of Artificial Intelligences.


Video-Interview Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer Amazon

Werner Vogels believes that concerns regarding AI are unfounded: “I think the greatest difference is that Artificial Intelligence is still pure IT, without any creativity. It lacks everything that makes humans extraordinary.”


„Future is Now“ – Products that are no Science Fiction

We want to introduce you to products and services that exist even today, though they appear to be quite visionary. You will get to know a molecular analyzer, for example, or the glasses that adapt themselves automatically to your vision.

Digital Assistant

An overview – How Deutsche Telekom uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At Deutsche Telekom, development of AI systems is an important priority. Instead of buying "off-the-shelf" AI systems and robots, which can be expensive, Deutsche Telekom is developing its own AI solutions. And it is testing AI-based software, computers, voice control functions and chatbots, with a view to making customer service more efficient, for consumers and corporate customers alike.