„Future is Now“ – Products that are no Science Fiction

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Many people think of digitization and the opportunities it creates as Science Fiction – or very distant dreams of the future at best. And yet, this future is already here for some time now. That’s why we want to introduce you to products and services that exist even today, though they appear to be quite visionary. In our new column „The Future is Now“, you will get to know a molecular analyzer, for example, or the glasses that adapt themselves automatically to your vision.

Have fun with your glimpse into the future that is Now! Enjoy the read



Scio: What you always wanted to know about your favorite snack … but didn't know who to ask

This uncertainty has come to an end: Scio tells you everything. This small spectrometer, measuring just 7 x 3 centimeters, analyzes the chemical composition of solid materials and liquids. Scio can tell you exactly what you have on your dinner plate, or whether your body fat percentage would benefit from a helping of broccoli instead of a hamburger. It can distinguish between aspirin and a tablet to lower high blood pressure. Scio also knows whether the rubber plant in your living room needs water.

Here's how it works: Scio absorbs the light reflected from objects and uses a prism to separate the color spectrum in the light. The device then compares the results with its database and sends the information to the user's smartphone. The database used by Scio is being expanded constantly.


Lexifone: We understand each other!

In the age of globalization and multinational business, telephone conferences with colleagues in foreign countries around the world are a daily occurrence. Coping with all of the languages spoken is quite a challenge. Of course, just about everyone today speaks English (more or less). But why not just use your native language and bring Lexifone to the conference table? Lexifone provides real-time translations and thus lets conference participants converse in their own languages. In principle the service delivers simultaneous translations for 16 languages, and it can be used in fixed-line and mobile networks. Lexifone even understands regional dialects!


Having a sharp eye gets an entirely new meaning

Most of us know about the problem of having several different pairs of eyeglasses – one for reading, one for driving, varifocals, etc. – we are always looking around to find out where we left them. That could soon become a thing of the past: Researchers at the University of Utah have developed "One for All" eyeglasses. One pair that always gives you perfect vision. The prototype was shown at CES 2017: It wasn't very attractive, but it's an exciting idea that can revolutionize corrective lenses. A layer of glycerin in the lenses automatically adjusts to the user's environment and eyesight – and does so for a lifetime.


Forget everything you've heard about robots…

… Jibo is different. If you need an intelligent assistant at home, for taking family snapshots or ordering pizza, in addition to being a friendly companion who can read bedtime stories to your kids, Jibo could soon be moving in with you. Jibo is not only intelligent, but also polite and friendly to everybody – he has a personality. Jibo builds relationships with the people around him – for example, by recognizing their voices and faces. This is possible thanks to various learning algorithms, among other things.

Young woman meets Robot

Digital responsibility

Experts discuss about chances and risks of digitization.

Young woman meets Robot

Digital responsibility

Experts discuss about chances and risks of digitization.