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Does Artificial Intelligence have feelings? An contentious issue.

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Almost no other aspect of digitization instills as much fear as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Why is that? Are we terrified by the kind of horror stories that movies like “Matrix” or “1984” have conjured up?

The issue tends to be about the actual difference between artificial and human intelligence. Will there be a contest between humans and machines where humans might run the risk of becoming dependent or even subservient?

Where is AI at present and what potential does this technology offer? We examine this question and have asked Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon, and Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber, often described as the father of AI, two experts for their views on the differences between both intelligences.

Werner Vogels believes the concerns are unfounded: “I think the greatest difference is that Artificial Intelligence is still pure IT, without any creativity. It lacks everything that makes humans extraordinary,” he says to Tim Höttges in the video interview.

By contrast, Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber, Scientific Director of the Swiss Research Institute for AI, puts forward a very different view. He takes it for granted that “emotional intelligence is already part of artificial intelligences.” He sees no threat from humans ceasing to be the pride of creation. Rather he urges us to see the opportunities. After all, we are witnesses to a gigantic process which now allows the universe to take its next step toward higher complexity. What do you think? Join the discussion!

Take a look at our “Future is now” section where you will find compelling services and products that offer huge practical benefits and demonstrate the positive side of AI. And we will also of course explain to you where we as Deutsche Telekom use artificial intelligence.

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Find out more in our special.

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Young woman meets Robot

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