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CareerTip: Brain food – feeding body and mind

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Whether at work or at college, we often forget to eat healthily between projects, submission deadlines and seminars. A lot of the time, it’s just much easier to grab a delicious sandwich, tasty croissant or your favorite chocolate bar.

However, to get through a stressful day at work or on campus, we need more than just tasty treats from the bakery. Only a balanced diet will help us raise our game, boost our concentration and, most importantly, strengthen our resilience. With the help of a few tips and the right brain food, you can make it through the stress of everyday life and come out fit and well at the other end.   


Tasty oatmeal or yogurt with different toppings create a perfect and healthy start into the day.

Go for wholemeal or oats instead of white bread

Breakfast has long been regarded as perhaps the most important meal of the day. However, nowadays, not everyone agrees. Opinion is very definitely split on whether or not our bodies really need breakfast. What is clear is that getting off to a good start at breakfast can set you up for a productive day of work. Resist the urge to reach for that tasty white roll with sausage or jelly and choose wholemeal grains or oats instead. Both these alternatives are a source of complex carbohydrates that supply slow-release energy. You can always pep up boring oats with fruit, spices, nuts or superfoods like chia seeds. If preparing all that first thing in the morning is just too much, overnight oats are a great alternative. Simply soak your oats overnight and then all you have to do in the morning is scatter over some assorted toppings. As well as being a good source of energy, oats keep you feeling fuller for longer, too!

Small snacks for in between

There are loads of alternatives to chocolate bars that you can take with you to work or college. Berries, nuts and seeds in particular are packed full of energy. While nuts contain important B vitamins that help prevent dips in motivation and concentration, blueberries are said to be the best food for ramping up your brain power.


Fish - the number one brain food. With delicious vegetables as a side dish, a balanced meal is created.

Omega 3 fatty acids aid concentration

Alongside lean meat, the best brain food to incorporate into your main meals is fish and other seafood. From salmon to poultry and beef, there is a huge range of fantastic brain food to choose from. Top of the rankings is fish, which contains omega 3 fatty acids that play a crucial role for brain function. Green veg like broccoli and spinach is the best side dish to add. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to go without noodles or pasta. After all, having a varied diet is ultimately what counts. All the same, opt for healthy versions made using wholemeal grains or spelt – buckwheat noodles are a great source of fiber you can choose with a clear conscience.

Besides brain food, ideas also need water if they are going to sprout

If you want to stay fit and healthy throughout the day, then drinking water is just as important as eating properly. Ideally, you should take in two to three liters a day to make sure your brain and body get enough oxygen and to keep your mind sharp.

All these tips on brain food will ensure your mind and body get the energy they need to see you through a stressful day of work or study.