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Challenge@Telekom - QUIC meets Open Telekom Cloud

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What’s QUIC you ask? QUIC is a network protocol and was originally launched as a Google project. What was the goal? To accelerate internet traffic. Not bad, right? So you’re interested and want to dive deeper into the world of QUIC? Then get involved if you think we’re speaking your language! The challenge is waiting for you so get on board and let’s go and fly in the cloud.

The challenge

The first step is to set up the web server. The web server should use QUIC. Once you’ve done this, everything needs to be documented. Now it’s time to compare. A performance test shall now reveal which method was better: TCP or QUIC. Once again, it’s important to record everything. All documentation must now be copied to the OpenStack server. Once this is done, you’re finished. Even if you have already uploaded your solution, you still have until November 25 to work on it and improve it. Now it’s the turn of our experts. The team will look at the results and the best use cases will win the challenge.

Once again, the best, most-creative, and inventive use cases will receive amazing prizes.

I can’t reveal too much but let’s just say it’s a cool gadget that you’ll surely want to own J. It’s definitely also worth mentioning that an amazing opportunity awaits the crème de la crème or, in other words, the top 5 participants. They will receive an exclusive invitation to the final pitch at Deutsche Telekom. And where? In Munich. Not only will we cover travel expenses up to 150 euros; the winners will also have the change to meet our Open Telekom Cloud expert team in person and speak to them. And we’ve saved the best for last. In the evening, you’ll have a chance to wind down and visit the Hofbräuhaus together with the Telekom Cloud team.