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Deutsche Telekom’s Think Tank – Get on board!

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Our last interview with Lara from the Think Tank provided an in-depth introduction to the Think Tank. Today I will explore the topic further and explain how to go about pitching your ideas for improving Deutsche Telekom’s products. Together, we can become even better.

Hi Lara! Can you tell us a bit about the structure of your Think Tank team?

The project team for Community Management at the Think Tank has five permanent members, with regular support from dual students and interns. For example, we met our current intern, Judith, at the Telekom Careers event CMD+O digital and immediately decided to hire her. We held a workshop on Design Thinking at the event. If this is something which interests you, you can find out more in our video (German only).

Apart from that, intern positions with the Think Tank team are regularly advertised on our Job Exchange .

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Together with the #Ideenschmiede you can become creative and work on solutions!

And how would you describe the role of the project team?

Our role is to support the community and bring departments and members together through our formats. We manage the projects that emerge from our work, organize workshops, and devise surveys for the departments. Together, we help to ensure that our members’ ideas end up in the right place by forwarding them to the correct Deutsche Telekom departments so that they can be considered, discussed and, where applicable, implemented. In everything we do, we make every effort to ensure that the community receives regular feedback on its ideas, suggestions and projects.

This sounds really interesting, and a cool opportunity for an intern to get really hands-on. Which topics are you working on at the moment?

We always have many topics that we work on in parallel. This is important to us so that our community can also participate in various topics and projects. 
Current topics are for example:

  • MagentaEINS Unlimited Feedback Lounge 
  • Designing the Telekom Customer Programme 
  • Modern telephony for business customers - Invitation to an interview

You can find current projects to participate in here (only German). 

And now to perhaps the most important question of all: how does someone become a member of the Think Tank community?

It’s simple – just register on our website (only German) and get stuck in straight away! Our community is open to everyone – any age, any gender, technology expert or technology novice. Each and every one of us can help to make the Deutsche Telekom of the future even better!

Thank you, Lara, for giving us this insight into the Think Tank’s work.