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Digital Female Leader Award: Your voting is required

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Every vote counts when it comes to the audience award of the Digital Female Leader Award (DFLA). From August, 3rd until 16th, you have the chance with your vote to determine who will be among the three finalists for the #DFLA Audience Award on November, 28th. We are very proud of our powerful women who are nominated this year and keep our fingers crossed for all of them!

Whether “leader” or “young rising star” - in the end the community makes the decision.

The Digital Female Leader Award (DFLA) lives and promotes diversity. Diverse women who drive digitalization and actively shape it are recognized for their achievements. Whether senior vice president, software developer or assistant, it’s the creative, dedicated and intelligent mind behind it that is decisive. The network community "Global Digital Women" (GDW) praises DFLA with the aim to empowering brave women and making them more visible.

Lena Immel, Head of Digital Xperience Management, was nominated for the DFLA by her superiors last year. At the award ceremony, she proudly held the "Audience Award" in her hand and affirmed: "Take the opportunity and make yourself and your work visible. With hard work and passion you can achieve anything you want!" 

Women, nominated for the DFLA.

Telekom Nominees for the Digital Female Leader Award 2020

Proudly present…

We are pleased that so many Telekom colleagues are again among this year's nominees. 
Here they are, our Telekom Nominees in the categories Career, Digital Transformation, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, FinTech / Money, Global Hero, Health, Innovation, IT Tech, Legal, Lifestyle, Mobility, New Work, Social Hero and Sustainability:

  • Maria-Luana Alexe, Senior Product Manager Strategy & Innovation, Category: Innovation
  • Katrin Beste, Chapter Sales Germany Inside Sales, Category: Sheroes
  • Svitlana Bielushkina, Head of Talent Management, Category: Digital Transformation
  • Athanasia Braimi, Talent Management Expert, Category: Entrepreneurship
  • Monica Dalla Riva, Vice President Customer Experience and Design, Category: Innovation
  • Georgia Diamantopoulou, Leader Innovation & Planning Customer Operations, Category: Global Hero
  • Michaela Drost, AI Incubator Co-Lead, Category: Digital Transformation & Innovation
  • Eva Frank, Referentin Ideenmanagement, Category: Innovation
  • Katrin Gaube, HR Business Partner, Category: New Work
  • Marlene Gerneth, Lead Program Management and Operations Office, Category: Innovation
  • Judith Goldmann, VP Global Employment Center, Category: Mobility
  • Britta Karnbach, Squad Lead Digitalisierung Mobile, Category: Innovation
  • Sandra Karstaedt, Senior Projektmanagerin HR International, Category: Education
  • Elena Kochler, Head of Sales Intelligence and Digitization, Category: Career & SHero
  • Eva Kourtesa, Project Manager Customer Operations, Category: Career
  • Michaela Kühn, Bloggerin, Category: Social Hero
  • Frauke Menzel, Marketing Manager, Category: Digital Transformation
  • Manuela Mackert, Chief Compliance Officer, Category: Sustainability
  • Julianna Markus, HR Senior Expert, Category: Social Hero
  • Mari Melander, Solution Designer, Category: IT-Tech
  • Frauke Menzel, Marketing Manager Social Media, Category: Digital Transformation
  • Ute Neher, Head of Global Talent Aquisistion, Category: Diversity
  • Olga Nevska, Geschäftsführerin, Category: Mobility
  • Martina Schildknecht, Senior Expert New Work, Category: New Work
  • Stephanie Tönjes, Communications Manager, Category: Digital Trans. & Innovation & Social Hero
  • Lisa-Marie Urban, Workforce Manager Digital Tranformation, Category: New Work
  • Gülsen Uzunöner, Sachbearbeiterin Betriebslenkung, Category: Diversity
  • Mandy Tylak-Trapp, Team Manager & Agile Coach, Category: New Work
  • Manuela Wild, Senior Experte Eskalationsmanagement, Category: Lifestyle
  • Tatjana Wittig, Emotional Intelligence Activist, Category: Innovation

Now, it's your turn! From August, 3rd until 16th, you can vote for your favorite and see more details of all DFLA candidates. 

We are keeping our fingers crossed for our Digital Heroes and if a name has slipped through the listing, please let us know. We wish all nominees of the # DFLA2020 best of luck and success!