Johanna Giorgi


Digital learning at Deutsche Telekom: stay curious & grow

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Never before has digital learning been so in demand: since the beginning of the year, we have been spending more time at home. In this time, many new and many digital formats have become established at Deutsche Telekom – whether learning-based events or the opportunity to take part in workshops. Many people, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, have used their time to further develop themselves professionally and personally.

We’ve been learning ever since childhood – with varying degrees of enjoyment. Your motivation is all the greater when you have the chance to pick up knowledge and skills in areas you are really passionate about.


Deutsche Telekom offers a variety of opportunities all to do with learning in a wide range of formats. Be it internal employee events, such as youlearn day, or workshops like Magenta Moon that anyone can attend – a steep learning curve can always be guaranteed!

Woman sitting at home on the sofa with a tablet in hand.

It doesn’t matter who or when: digital learning is flexible yet effective.

Alongside events, Deutsche Telekom employees are also provided a wide spectrum of e-learning offers. Here you can find things like language courses, everything you need to know about topics ranging from project management to communication. Full online courses for specialized advanced training in the areas of IT, software, and digital marketing are also offered via the Percipio and Coursera platforms. They help you develop both on a professional and personal level.

Learning within a degree program vs. learning on the job

As an intern, I would like to gain as much practical knowledge as possible at the company alongside my degree or during my gap year. When I started as an intern, I was directly involved in all of the issues and had the opportunity to take on responsibility for many different tasks. Thanks to this, in just one month I learned more than I had learned in an entire semester at university. Learning by doing is definitely the name of the game.

I feel like I’m well equipped for the job thanks to the theoretical basis I’ve gained in my studies. I’ve studied for exams, written essays, and picked up a lot of knowledge. At best, I know the style of learning that works best for me. From my own experience I can tell you that theoretical knowledge is not the same as practical knowledge. Depending on the company, you'll be working with different programs, there will be a lot of individual workflows and processes, and you may even have to get reacquainted with a topic. Here, employees have the chance to sign up for courses on learning platforms like Percipio or Coursera for topics such as agile working, Office365, or Adobe Creative Cloud, complete them digitally, and then receive a certificate at the end.

At the company and during my studies I can, of course, always benefit from the knowledge of my colleagues and classmates. In addition to forming networks, it also has the advantage that shared knowledge is wide-ranging. For this purpose, at Deutsche Telekom we have “LEX – Learning from experts”. Just like the motto, “everyone’s an expert,” all internal employees can join the community and discuss a wide range of topics. There's no such thing as a stupid question here – that's for sure.

Learning – whether you’re an intern or a manager

With digitalization and the resulting innovations, it is equally important for young professionals and managers to always keep on learning. Deutsche Telekom makes no distinction in this respect with the training it offers – quite the opposite. There are even events and workshops for young talents to inform them of the training available and give them a chance for networking.

The result?

Learning opens up new paths. That’s why my colleagues and I value the fact that it has been and still is possible for us to take advantage of so many digital learning opportunities during difficult times like this. This means each of us can still end the year with a lot of positives for ourselves and our own development.

What does Deutsche Telekom have to offer as an employer besides digital training? Have a look.