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Dual study programs at Deutsche Telekom – more than just lectures

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I joined Deutsche Telekom three months ago in October 2018, when I began my cooperative degree course in business administration . During my time with the company, I am supporting the HR Marketing and Reporting team in the Recruiting unit.
Although I only began my studies a short while ago, it has already been a rewarding and enriching experience. 

Young people in an auditorium.

The dual study program also offers lectures at the university and allows students to participate in a classical student life.

One of the highlights was my first university phase at the Provadis School of International Management and Technology in Frankfurt.  
A cooperative study program (German) at Deutsche Telekom incorporates both e-learning and attendance phases. For five weeks per semester, almost 100 students from all over Germany convene in Frankfurt to learn and study together. My fellow students represent every region of Germany, from Hamburg, to Berlin, to Munich!

Switching between the practical phase and the university phase – how does that work?

With so many people traveling to the same place from all over the country, there must be a lot of planning work involved, was my first thought. Suddenly I found myself living away from home for a month, discovering a whole different side of studying. However, everything was very well-organized, and we quickly got into a routine.
Because I am from Stuttgart, and Frankfurt is a bit too far away for a daily commute, Deutsche Telekom provides us non-locals with accommodation. For this particular university phase, for example, they put us up in a hotel.

The morning after arrival, the theory phase began. I made my way to the Provadis University with the other students I already knew from the induction phase in Stuttgart. The first day was spent with all the other students from all over Germany. With a brief introduction and our first real lecture, our first day at university was successfully accomplished.
From day one, I made lots of new contacts, and also got to know the other Stuttgart students a bit better, having only met them briefly at the induction.

The university routine begins: Lectures, presentations, group work

On day two, we were divided into three groups, each with about 30 students per lecture. Of course, this made it much easier to talk to the professor. Generally speaking, I found the university teaching to be very varied, both in terms of the modules themselves, and in the way the lectures were structured. The business studies curriculum also includes modules such as business English and self-management. We were able to experience a bit of everything, from group work, to presentations, to traditional lectures.

And what about the old cliché of a professor delivering a monologue to a packed auditorium and no-one understanding what he is talking about? My experience was quite the opposite. We always had good personal contact with the professor, who actively addressed us and encouraged us to ask questions and interact. The ideal conditions for successful study, in other words.

Desk with notices and tablet.

Learning together has a high priority in the dual study program.

After the lectures, the emphasis is on spending free time together

Apart from the lectures, of course, we also found plenty of ways to enjoy our free time together. During the week, we were often to be found in the hotel gym, which we free of charge. The sauna was also ideal for relaxing after a hard day’s studying. Of course I made the most of the opportunities afforded by living in a different city, and spent a few weekends with my fellow students in Frankfurt. Whether we were together in the hotel or out and about in Frankfurt city, we enjoyed one another’s company and had some great nights out.

Just over a month later, the university phase was over, and it was time to say goodbye; for many of us, the long distances mean we are unable to meet up very often.
I very much enjoyed the first university phase. I learned a lot, made some good friends, and also had fun. In two months’ time, I will be returning for my second semester!

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