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Exciting information about career opportunities in a welcoming atmosphere

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Help Deutsche Telekom shape the world of tomorrow: contribute your talents as an innovator, tech enthusiast, or novel thinker, day in and day out. As a trainee at Deutsche Telekom, after completing your university degree, you and your colleagues can help shape the digital future, to enrich the lives of people all over the world. At the trainee brunch, Jonathan described the typical duties of a trainee.

Foto from the headquater in bonn

Trainee brunch at the corporate headquarters in Bonn

In the impressive conference room at the Group's Bonn headquarters, we welcomed 20 young men and women who have just earned – or are about to earn – their degrees. The aim was to present Deutsche Telekom's Start up! trainee program at a community brunch A team of employees from HR Marketing and Recruiting gave the participants an introduction to the 18-month program, which consists of several practical assignments and dovetails with current projects. Trainees have the opportunity to compile their own remit and gather experience in a wide range of departments. The program also includes an international assignment. Upon completion of the trainee program, the participants join one of the business units.

After the presentation, the participants introduced themselves, then seized the opportunity to try out the inviting brunch buffet. The casual atmosphere was perfect for asking specific questions or for finding out whether Deutsche Telekom is the right place to work, in brief one-on-one discussions.

 The HR Marketing team was supported by two colleagues from the Technology and Innovation business unit. Gordon Borst (Board Member) and Jonathan Gößmann (Board Member) showed the latest innovations to the potential trainees in a captivating, impressive presentation. One of the key topics was 5G. In addition, two current trainees, Jonathan and Roman, talked about their experiences with the program. True to the motto #lifeisforsharing, the potential trainees gained key insights from the first-hand perspective and had the opportunity to pepper the active trainees with questions, both in the plenary session and in one-on-one talks.

 At the conclusion of the brunch, the candidates were encouraged to provide their contact information, to get more information after the event. Many of them took advantage of the opportunity to connect on LinkedIn, to be sure they don't miss future news and events.

It was an exciting, informative morning – not only for our guests, but also for our recruiters and HR Marketing colleagues. We're already looking forward to welcoming as many of them as possible to the trainee program in 2020.

If you're interested in getting to know us in person, or if you have specific questions about the trainee program at Deutsche Telekom, stop by one of our upcoming events or feel free to contact our experts.