Diana Schnetgöke


For a Corporate Culture Without Gender Stereotypes

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Making career decisions can be really tough – and often the process can make people feel nervous and insecure. It can be easy to let stereotypes and clichés cloud our thinking. A woman as a software developer? Never heard of it. And men in positions at Human Resources? That's no place for a “real man.” Or is it?

We think that it is! All too often gender stereotypes and outdated role assignments can be found in technological and social work areas. This needs to be change – and we are doing our best to break through barriers and prejudice. Our participation in the “Klischee-frei Initiative” (german) emphasizes our commitment to equal rights. We want our new hires and young employees to be able to make career choices without having to face gender stereotypes.

“We are delighted to be part of the ‘Klischee-frei Initiative.’ Young men and women should have access to the same opportunities throughout their entire careers. With this in mind, we work closely with them to nurture their interests and talents, in addition to giving them the best possible guidance during their studies and professional training. This involves looking beyond the horizon and discovering the many options available for personal development – free of gender stereotypes,” says Marina Kuttig, Head of Career Development at Deutsche Telekom.

A yound woman dedicates herself to new wiring.

For us, interest and talent counts – our junior employees are supported regardless of gender.

Corporate culture that is inclusive

We bring together all kinds of interests and talent – regardless of gender. Clichés and gender stereotypes must be overcome in order to create an inclusive culture in which everyone is treated equally, and in which they feel welcome and appreciated.
We support our young employees and encourage them not to be influenced or hindered by outdated stereotypes. We want to open doors for them – in all areas – and guide them in line with the principles of the “Klischee-frei Initiative.” We want our trainees, students and professionals to feel respected and appreciated for their talents. We want them to focus on their strengths and interests, and to be able to unfold and develop unconditionally with curiosity, innovation and “heart”.

Because everyone has something unique and valuable to contribute in the workplace. Our job vacancies are available in our job search.