Yaroslav Chepurniak


GAME ON! Breaking barriers and biases with 16bit games

Brace yourselves for a blast from the past with our new series of retro games. Get ready for a trip down memory lane and relive the joy of classic games from your youth with our 16Bit games BraveWave, PathMaker and GrowthScraper!

Hello everybody get ready to play

We fight against prejudice in a playful way.

A fun retro gaming experience

Help our main character “Miss 16bit” on her career journey and fight the so-called “disconnectors”, the sneaky little biases that hold us back from our professional dreams. Make your way through the bias-busting rooms in BraveWave and defeat the stereotype monsters, get ready to crush biases in PathCleaner by matching the right puzzle pieces and grow beyond yourself on your way up in our GrowthScraper.

More than just a game

Our games are not just about having fun, they are about creating awareness on the topic of unconscious bias in the workplace. Stereotypes, personal insecurities, and unconscious biases hinder us in our growth and influence the way we interact with others. As a company we encourage an open and honest workplace culture where employees can be themselves and feel supported. With different Telekom initiatives and programs we are committed to eliminating prejudices and fostering an inclusive work environment

Are you ready for it? 

By playing our 16Bit games you get to know biases that people may face in their work life. Being aware of these biases is the first step to unlocking new levels of collaboration and driving change. Are you up for a game? Get ready to play and find out more about our games.