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Health at Deutsche Telekom – medical checks

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We spend at least 38 hours at work every week, during which we do a lot of sitting and very little moving around. When things get stressful, be it in our professional or private lives, we often don’t eat as well as we should and forget to take care of our bodies. This can have an impact on our health and affect our quality of life.  Deutsche Telekom tries to counteract this by looking after its employees and their health, fulfilling its responsibility as an employer.

There is a wide range of things on offer, from blood pressure checks to diabetes initiatives and a mobile fitness coach. Preventive check-ups and flu shots are also available. There are talks and workshops on interesting subjects, such as stress management, resilience, and mental stress. Teams or individual employees can also take advantage of information and advice services. The list of free offers includes medical checks, in which employees obtain information regarding their state of health.

What exactly do we mean by “medical check”?

A medical check is a preventive package comprising a physical examination, determination of individual risk factors, and an explanation of the results. Medical checks are there for employees to examine their state of health and become more aware. This year, appointments are taking place at more than 160 locations. Each employee has the chance to be checked over by a company physician once a year. The costs are borne by Deutsche Telekom in full.

The examination is quick, it takes place during working hours, and waiting times are significantly shorter than at a normal doctor’s practice.

Doctor with laptop in hand on which a virtual human is pictured

One should not miss the chance on a free health check.

Medical checks only take about 15 minutes. A test is sent out to every patient prior to the examination – the Work Ability Index. The Work Ability Index (WAI) comprises questions about the patient’s work, ability to work, and health. The answers will help assess whether measures should be put in place to promote the employee’s health and improve their working conditions. The results are then discussed during the medical check.

Then there is a physical examination and consultation. Blood is taken and basic data such as height, weight, and blood pressure are noted. Once the values have been analyzed in the lab, each participant receives a comprehensive medical report with their results and personalized recommendations.

Why medical checks are so important

Going for a medical check means that illnesses or medical issues can be recognized and treated early. The earlier an illness is recognized, the lower the risk. Some can even be prevented if the health risks are known in advance. This is made more likely by having a routine check-up every year. The company physician is also aware of the person’s professional background and can take this into account for the consultation.

Personally, I think it’s great for an employer to invest in its employees’ health and through initiatives like medical checks, the employee is reminded to look after their health. It’s an offer that I would happily take advantage of again in future.

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