Jana Hitzel


How we are bringing novel ways of doing things to our company

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Our motto is "Act today to be leading tomorrow!" – presenting our own ideas and playing an active role, making a difference and demonstrating commitment, rethinking what we have and unleashing new potential. We are all of this – a community that T-Systems has made possible and that enjoys the active support of top management. We're already taking responsibility for the future today and helping to shape it.

 General overview of the Generation Tomorrow on a poster

A little insight about: who, how, how we work together, our projects and about give and take.

We – the Generation Tomorrow (GT) – are young, motivated employees, the generation that represents the workforce of tomorrow. The initiative was founded by T-Systems and held its kickoff event in Bonn on January 28, 2019. Approximately 170 young, motivated employees from 17 countries were welcomed by the management of T-Systems and the initiators of the community. Clear messages have been communicated: It is important that Generation Tomorrow is perceived and actually changes something at T-Systems, and that the community should first concentrate on and implement selected things. Better small steps, instead of losing oneself in ideas. Over the course of the day, the first ideas were developed for current topics and the positioning of Generation Tomorrow within the company. The Slack messaging platform was used to communicate and structure the collected ideas and projects. After they were presented and prioritized, some of them were implemented very quickly. Work continued on the topics and their realization and several new projects were added.

Group photo of Participants

Group photo of Generation Tomorrow

A few months later, on May 28-29, 2019, the second event took place in Berlin, which I also attended. This time around 100 domestic and international employees met up, including representatives from Russia and the U.S., to develop exciting new topics and continue those already begun. They focused on subjects like how T-Systems can become a more attractive place to work, giving a voice to Generation Tomorrow at the management level, and communication options within the Group. A workshop on agile working methods was also on the agenda. The Generation Tomorrow community consists of a variety of different characters from a wide range of business units and work areas – which means every participant contributes different skills and interests. It is this diversity in particular that helps us tackle challenges successfully and drive the ongoing transformation forward. 

For me personally, Generation Tomorrow is an excellent network. It gives me a place to talk about topics from my cooperative study program or get feedback on current issues from my practical area (such as planning a new marketing campaign). I am proud to be part of the Generation Tomorrow community. We really are rocking the new thinking! #TakePart