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How we use agile work and who we are looking for

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Agile working methods and mindsets are important components for every company, as well as for the skillsets of each individual employee. These new methods are also opening up new job prospects. To advance these topics within the Group, we have decided to found a new department.

Even though we are the market leader in the telecommunications industry in Germany, we know that our customers aren't always satisfied with our products and services. To master these challenges, we want to get simpler and faster and improve our quality. Because the established methods are hitting their limits in our constantly changing business environment, we have to change the way we work – and the way we think.

Employees who work on topics with the help of sticky notes

Post-It notes are a useful tool for working on the issues together in a focused, structured manner.

As part of its "Agile TD" program in Germany, Deutsche Telekom has now established eight tribes that bear end-to-end responsibility for key products and digital touchpoints. These colleagues now work together directly with the IT and business experts on the same teams. They take joint responsibility for product quality, customer satisfaction, and costs and use agile methods to do so – working in short, iterative loops, they develop and test new features directly with our customers. 

Initial successes show that we're on the right track. But we know that we still have a long way ahead of us to master the constantly changing demands. This means we need more support to really get our ship up to speed. We are looking for people to support this transformation and are currently building a new team with scrum masters and agile coaches.

Are you thinking about changing your vocational direction? If you... 

  • Are highly motivated and enjoy contributing new, constructive ideas 
  • Want to take responsibility 
  • Are familiar with agile working methods 
  • Are passionate about motivating your team members

...then you're just who we're looking for. You can take the next step in your career at Deutsche Telekom as a product owner, scrum master, or agile coach. You can find out more about agile work at Deutsche Telekom, the "Agile TD" program, and the currently open positions here.


Agile Working

Agility – to some, just a buzzword – but for us, it’s one of the digital age’s competitive advantages.