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IT security – now available as a degree course

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Deutsche Telekom is constantly developing as a Group and adapting to new challenges. This year, it launched a new cooperative study program - IT Security. Students on the program can become IT security experts.

Because we take our responsibility for our customers’ data and our own data very seriously, we have to protect our systems and networks. To ensure we have enough qualified staff for this area of work, we have extended our range of cooperative study programs: We are training up our own specialists! In the future, graduates of the IT Security course will be responsible for security at our company.

A dark office with a virtual banner saying "Magenta Security".

Combined force for IT security 

The Telekom Security business unit offers consumers and SME customers, as well as larger companies, products and solutions that focus on IT security. Our goal is to make security simple and to create a secure digital future through security strategies. Our top priority is to build up and develop cybersecurity competence by combining theory learnt at university with the practical experience gained on the job. 

Cool content included

With its new IT Security degree course, Deutsche Telekom is blazing a trail on the university market. Would you find it exciting to carry out hacker attacks on systems yourself and learn how to fend them off? You can do precisely that on our cooperative study program in an experimental setting in new laboratories. The labs have been set up to simulate live conditions and as many different scenarios as possible. You can develop strategies, techniques, and tools to defend the security of IT systems, and in doing so learn all about crisis management. The course not only covers the technical aspects of IT security, however: You will also develop an understanding of management aspects.

Are you the right candidate?

It goes without saying that you should be passionate about IT security and interested in conronting new challenges every day. Boring is one thing our course will never be. Even IT beginners are welcome, as you will learn the basics of programming and IT during the course. However, an understanding of mathematics and knowledge of programming would be an advantage. As with all degrees, you must have a general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) before you can join our cooperative study program. 

What happens next?

As an IT security expert, you will monitor both Deutsche Telekom’s and our customers’ sysems. You will also be involved in setting up new, secure systems and developing them continuously. After completing your degree, you will be able to work in many different areas of the company.

Identifying cyberattacks, analyzing attack tools, and using these to form individual predictions on future attack patterns are just some of the focal areas you will work on in the future.