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Katrin Brodersen – With power and passion for the digitalization of the German midmarket

Katrin is responsible for corporate customer sales in Northern Germany, one of the few women (so far) to reach such a position. For her, that’s one more reason why she works to help more women find their individual career paths and pursue them with power. With her speech “Get out of the comfort zone: How we build power and achieve our goals,” she gave positive impetus during the WomenPower Congress at HANNOVER MESSE.

How important are events like this to you and what do you mean by “power”?

Just what you think it means: I’m talking about the positive, deliberate shaping of your own (career) path and realization of your objectives. 

That certainly requires professional expertise, but it also demands clear intent and the willingness to specifically acquire and train power skills. 
After all, that’s the only way for us to present and utilize our expertise successfully.

Power is influence. And influence opens up creative possibilities. If we want to change something in our (professional) environment, influence is indispensable – or at least very helpful in any case.
I want to motivate more people – and above all women – to shape their lives and work on their influence. This can take the form of a “courage tantrum.” 

I think events like the WomenPower Congress are essential to offering networking platforms for women and to pointing out opportunities for careers in the technology domain in particular.

Portrait of a woman

Katrin Brodersen wants to turn customers into fans. To do this, she is looking for new sales professionals.

As VP Sales for corporate customers in Northern Germany, you’re one of the few women at this management level (so far). How can we change that?

I am proud to work at a company where diversity has a high priority.
Internal and external networks, the promotion of frameworks, and a culture that supports the work-life balance are only a few examples – albeit important ones.

But as I see it, we women have the leverage in our own hands.
When we have talent and the will to succeed, then we should show ourselves and what we can do.
A realistic confrontation with the demands of leadership is surely helpful, too, but the idea that you have different opportunities and leeway for organizing yourself is also a valid perspective. Assistants relieve you of administrative and organizational tasks, you can afford support in your personal life, and then invest the time you save in your career and quality time with your family. As I see it, this chance is often overlooked.

Of course, you have to live up to your responsibilities, which can also include business travel or representative obligations. But that’s all a matter of organization and your personal will.

Corporate customer sales at Deutsche Telekom. What exactly do you do there?

We delight our customers with the full Deutsche Telekom portfolio for corporate customers (German). From mobile communications to telecommunications/data networks and a wide variety of IT services, we are the enabler for our customers’ digitalization. To put it simply, we offer an important instrument for successfully running and expanding their business in today’s world. 

And you’re looking for new colleagues to expand your team. Who are you looking for?

We’re currently recruiting key account managers and (technical) sales consultants with skills in mobile communications or IT, for instance.

I’m looking for new colleagues – and at least as many women as men – who understand the business needs of midmarket companies and can translate them into technological solutions. Of course, they should also bring negotiation skills, a talent for selling, and sales experience to the table. 
Curiosity, the ability to innovate, and a growth mindset are other important facets that we need to be successful in sales.

What are your team’s superpowers and the secret to your success? 

First and foremost, a passion for turning our customers into fans. Coupled with the ambition to capture the possibilities of digitalization and fill them with life, particularly for German midmarket companies. We are curious and think that the opportunities that technology offers business right now are incredibly fascinating.

Internally, collaboration and team spirit are top priorities. And delighting customers just makes us happy, because it’s a ton of fun. Ultimately, this leads to lasting success, which motivates us even more.