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My job visiting within the Talent Attraction team

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I recently met Marta. She is Junior Specialist in our internal Marketing & Communication department and is about to complete her Job Visit in the Talent Attraction team within Telekom. She has experienced two months of intense development of her professional skills, networked with many new colleagues and independently took on many new responsibilities. What are her key takeaways and how is this connected with the agile transformation within Telekom? You will find her exciting insights in this interview.

Profil Marta

Marta is Junior Specialist in our internal Marketing & Communication department.

Marta, tell us, what is a Job Visit all about?

Marta: A Job Visit is an individual learning plan on the job within other teams. It gives you the a possibility to intensively „visit, shadow and learn” in other departments of the company. You take part in meetings and have deep-dives with experts on the topics that you are keen on. You receive a lot of information and can ask all your questions. Of course, I also completed tasks with a possibility to receive valuable feedback on where I can improve.

Why was it an option for you? What were your goals?

Marta: At the beginning of the year I had a yearly development dialogue with my squad and chapter leads, where I expressed strong desire to develop. After starting my journey at Telekom in Performance Management, I wanted to discover the "world" outside my squad and grow personally.  Without the support of my leaders and the on-going agile transformation that promotes long-life learning and breaking silos, I could have never dreamed of such an easy change from one project to another. My goals were to gain practical experience on external marketing in order to become a better communicator for my future projects as well as to share this new perspective with other internal communicators. 

Young lady is working on laptop and smiling

Junior Specialist in internal Marketing & Communication explains how talent development looks like at Telekom and what is a Job Visit.

What did you learn and what are your key takeaways?

Marta: I got answers to a lot of questions that were stuck in my mind as an internal Marketing & Communication Specialist. What kind of topics drive social media communication and how to write good articles and postings referring to different target groups? Why does the community management play an important role in social media? What channels are effective for which kind of groups and what are the key indicators to measure it? What are the differences in messages, channels and tools between internal and external marketing? How does the full process of video production look like? What challenges do the colleagues have to deal with? But of course, the most important takeaway was closing valuable relationships from which I personally, but also my work, will benefit.

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“Job Visit gives you a possibility to intensively visit, shadow and learn in other divisions of the company.” Learn more about the benefits of a Job Visit that influenced Marta’s development.

Why can you recommend a Job Visit to everyone?

Marta: It gives you  great opportunities to up- and/or re-skill in the topic area that you are keen on, change the perspective, build valuable networks and dive deeply with fresh ideas and key learnings into future tasks and responsibilities. Telekom provides its employees with upskilling platforms and programs, where you can acquire a certificate after passing a test. Through the Job Visit you can „test” yourself and develop a growth mindset. If you treat challenges as opportunities, want to explore a new path and are open to feedback and learning by doing, you should not hesitate to grab this chance. I would do it all over again.