Johanna Emmert


Networking – the name of the game in the cooperative study program

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Networking is extremely important for us students on cooperative study programs. Whether at work or at university, we are making new contacts every day and developing further. These contacts are important for our education and our future.

In order to make new contacts and maintain existing ones, we students meet in learning groups and support each other. This is a great opportunity to also maintain contact outside of the class attendance phase and to learn from one another. We don’t only speak about university issues; this group gives us many insights into other units at Deutsche Telekom. We can learn from the experiences of other students as the daily work routines are very different.


Relaxing during the lunch break: clear your head while playing table football and have fun with your colleagues.

There is also a dual student lunch scheme on offer at my location in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart. Once a month, all dual students meet up for lunch so that we have an opportunity to also speak to people outside of our year group. There, we talk about our experiences as well as the daily challenges we face in our theoretical and practical phases. It’s not only good to be part of this community when writing term papers or in the run-up to tests. In addition to work, friendships are also made and having fun together is also really important in this group.

you and me – a community

The internal social platform you and me is another way to meet lots of new people. Interesting and exciting posts from all Deutsche Telekom units and functions ensure an active exchange of information and transfer of knowledge among each other. If you have a question, you can always turn to the Deutsche Telekom community and discover new topics. And online, you don’t “only” see the colleagues from your own location, it’s also possible to make contact with people from different locations and organizations. Connecting with people is important when it comes to creating strong teams and thinking beyond the borders of your own area of activity.


Exchange during the lunch break. This is another way to find solutions quickly.

Of course, my department cannot be neglected.

The regular joint lunch not only gives me the opportunity to learn a lot about work from other people; I also have the chance to speak about private matters. I am able to get to know my colleagues better and gain an insight into their tasks. Thanks to these contacts, I am able to influence my topics during my cooperative study program by approaching my colleagues and showing interest. This opens many doors and also helps me to solve problems quicker.