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New job, new country, new culture - Ilia's path to T-Systems as an SAP consultant

Ilia Filipson is making a fresh start in his new home in Germany and describes his journey to T-Systems as much more than a simple job change. In this blog post, the former IT director of an Fast Moving Consumer Goods company shares his experience of why he joined the "magenta side" and enthuses about the exciting world of consulting at T-Systems. Read about what motivated him to make this change and the challenges he overcame.

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Ilia Filipson at work as an SAP Consultant at T-Systems

Ilia, what motivated you to go to Germany?

Ilia: As IT Director at a Russian Fast Moving Consumer Goods company, I was responsible for the IT program management. Then it was time for a new direction and I chose Germany as my new home. So I switched to the "magenta side".

The move to the DACH region was influenced by practical and personal reasons. I could not ignore Germany's potential as a driving force of the European economy. In addition, I am fascinated by the German language and culture, I already feel at home among my German colleagues!

And why T-Systems of all places?

Ilia: There were several factors that prompted me to join T-Systems. In addition to the market situation and the great growth opportunities, I was particularly impressed by the employee-oriented corporate culture. In addition, I appreciate the openness and decisiveness of the T-Systems management, which enables quick and well-founded decisions despite the complexity of the IT business.

During the application process at T-Systems, it quickly became clear to me that openness and flexibility are important qualities that are expected of applicants. The ability to adapt to team members with a wide variety of focuses is highly valued here. Language skills are of great importance in an international company like T-Systems, and having them is definitely a plus here. The German language plays a central role in everyday working life, but English is also frequently used.

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Ilia is happy that he dared to take the step and move to Germany. He found the support of his team particularly valuable.

What else is important to you about your job?

Ilia: It's important to me to develop as a team. At T-Systems, I get to work with people of different ages and with different experiences, which allows for a wide range of perspectives and fruitful exchange. I am particularly impressed by the internal networks where colleagues can share their experiences and learn from each other. It's great to see how dedicated and supportive the T-Systems community is.

For graduates, there are separate entry-level programs such as "#youlearnSAP", which make it possible to improve the required skills in a targeted manner and to integrate quickly into the teams and projects through theoretical and practical modules. This opportunity is just one of many for personal and professional development, which was a decisive factor for me in choosing my employer.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

Ilia: With such a big step, which for me meant not only moving to a new company, but also to a completely different country, you naturally hope that the work environment and culture are compatible with you. I am all the happier that my new team gave me a warm welcome and helped me get started. In particular, the support from colleagues who had already undergone similar career changes was very valuable. I quickly felt integrated, which made it easier for me to get started in my new position. Now that I've arrived, I'm very happy to have taken the step to Germany and to be part of this team.

What are your career plans?

Ilia: At T-Systems, there are a variety of exciting tasks that at the same time offer numerous opportunities to learn new things and to make my professional life fulfilling and enriching - exactly what is close to my heart.

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