Nadine Mühlbradt


Our specialist for strategic transformation projects – the Center for Strategic Projects

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 The Center for Strategic Projects (CSP) is Telekom’s in-house consulting team. As a trusted advisor of senior management, the team provides support for key transformation projects and moves Telekom forward. Thanks to well-founded knowledge of the market, technologies and future developments, our internal advisors meet the needs of their customers, who are also their colleagues. An exciting task, given that transformation is the bread and butter of our group’s business. But what exactly does the CSP do?

A focused image of the CSP info flyer with three consultants sitting at a table in the background.

Not only do we work on developing the strategic future of our group, we also specifically prepare our employees for future management challenges!

Boring, routine jobs are rare exceptions. Routine is a foreign concept when you are advising an international telecommunications group. Whether it involves innovations, post-merger integration, reorganization and transformation or efficiency programs, every single project is important and strategically relevant. Teams that typically comprise three to six consultants structure and advance projects in their initial stages for a period of three to six months. This means continuously taking on new functional and methodological challenges, new customers and new compositions of CSP teams in strict adherence to our motto: As soon as it starts to feel comfortable, it’s time to move on. However, this team doesn’t simply move on to working for the next conventional customer; it works for colleagues in the same group. This promotes a strong cooperative culture in which we all help one another and everybody – meaning the entire company – benefits from successful projects. This is what our in-house consultants work on from Monday to Thursday.

Fridays, meanwhile, belong to the Center. Here, colleagues exchange information relating to their professional home grounds (the business practices), participate in training programs, attend business lunches, or focus their attention on CSP initiatives. 

Two consultants sitting across from one another having a conversation.

With their knowledge of the industry and our company, our consultants need less time to develop suitable, feasible solutions.

The structure of the CSP mirrors the business areas of Deutsche Telekom and is divided into five business practices. Consultants are permanently assigned to a business practice based on their own preferences and expertise. Each business practice is managed by one of our partners. Every Friday, our experts in Technology & Production, Business Processes & IT, Customer & Markets, Organization & HR, and Value & Efficiency exchange information to systematically extend their professional skills. The objective is always to use this content in projects, which involve staff with a range of practical experience.

In addition, teams of consultants design internal topics such as recruiting, communication, development or knowledge management themselves. The same applies to their flexible approach to consulting. All employees actively shape the environment in which they work. Of course, the work done within the teams is also always results-oriented and follows clear rules. They are nonetheless given freedom to experiment and the opportunity to take leadership responsibility right from the start. Junior employees also regularly take on this leadership role.

Graphical illustration of the career levels at the CSP.

Individual career levels and development measures enable consultants to get ahead in short order.

The Leadership 2.0 approach actively practiced at the Center was not established by coincidence. The CSP has a clear focus on its employees’ career development. Over the course of four career levels, staff members develop their levels of responsibility and salary. Every six months, there is a promotion round where management speaks to all the consultants and offers promotions according to their performance – with no fixed quotas or vacancies on the next level. Starting from the consultant level, employees can advance to senior consultant, project manager and senior project manager, all the way up to principal. Those who make it to this stage take responsibility for major projects and are considered specialists in their field within the industry.

Consultants who no longer see themselves making a career in the consulting business have the opportunity to look around in the group’s internal job market. Many former CSP staff now hold key positions within the company. The CSP’s excellent alumni network also opens doors for consultants to step out into the group as young executives after their time at the Center.
Does our in-house consulting sound interesting to you as a potential employer? The CSP is always on the lookout for new talents to drive the transformation of DTAG. Take a look at the job vacancies on our careers website or get to know the consulting team personally via LinkedIn.