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Our Trainee Program Start up!

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Start up! is designed to give graduates the opportunity to help shape the digital future and break new ground. Leslie Braune, lead recruiter at Deutsche Telekom, told us all about the trainee program in an interview. You can find Leslie's tips and what prospective trainees should bring to the table here.


What is Deutsche Telekom's Start up! program?
Leslie: Start up! is Deutsche Telekom's trainee program. It is designed to appeal to graduates from different backgrounds who are interested in joining the company to create new innovations and shape the future.

What should graduates bring to the trainee program?
Leslie: Definitely openness to get to know other areas. Perhaps not to get bogged down in a particular topic, but instead to be open to topics outside their current comfort zone. They should be enterprising. Ultimately, the trainee program is for our managers of the future.

What is the trainee program like?
Leslie: I don't want to give too much away. JOur trainees spend 18 months on the program and start in what I always call their "home port". This is the area of the Executive Board that corresponds to their qualifications. After that they move on to other projects, other areas of the Executive Board, because it is important that the trainees get to know other topics and, above all, that they network internally.

What's your tip for Hiring Day?
Leslie: I have two master tips. One master tip is that future trainees should prepare themselves, by which I mean they should think hard about why they are applying for a job at Deutsche Telekom AG? The second master tip is to prepare your own questions and make sure to ask them, because this is also an opportunity for future trainees to ask any questions and get answers.