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Our youth magazine – reif – not just for school students

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As a dual student, I have the opportunity to work with many different topics during my studies. Right now I'm contributing to our youth magazine reif.

reif online magazine, each showing different facets. There are excerpts from stories, arti-cles, and the overview page

Our reif magazine and its different facets

What is reif?

Specifically for our target audience of school students: reif magazine combines an online magazine, various social media channels, and a social magazine in poster format. Each issue seizes on a current topic and prepares it in a fresh, multi-perspective, journalistic manner for school students and young university students. It focuses on current topics from the world of technology, digitalization, and lifestyle. It also provides exciting insights into training and cooperative study programs at Deutsche Telekom. reif is also a platform where school students can contribute their own content and opinions, providing a great opportunity for interaction.

My role

As part of the school marketing team, I share responsibility for reif magazine. During regular meetings with the editorial agency, we discuss current topics and plan the upcoming articles and specials. I recently took part in a reif workshop, where I was responsible for organization. I learned a lot of new things through planning the premises, the catering, and the registrations and by serving as the local point of contact. It was very exciting for me to see how new ideas are created and how editorial content is planned and implemented. Meeting our young team and developing creative new ideas was a great experience for me.

What reif has to offer

The reif online magazine and other digital channels (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp) accompanies career events and other Deutsche Telekom happenings live and shares articles about digitalization.

the cover of the current issue of reif

The print edition of reif magazine

But reif is also so much more. Young people get useful tips and good-to-know information, not just for career orientation, but also for their leisure activities. And we never miss out on the fun factor, neither for our readers nor for us, the organization team. Personally, I find the enthusiasm and diversity that goes into this magazine to be very inspiring. The latest summer trends and technical know-how, as well as experience reports and general application tips: reif always offers a colorful bouquet of current topics for young people.

Getting started at Deutsche Telekom

What I particularly like: our dual students and trainees work on the articles themselves and share the experiences they've had so far. Interviews and on-site visits provide authentic insights about training at Deutsche Telekom and the atmosphere where we learn and work. In this context, I arranged and supported an interview with a dual student, for example. After all, who can report the most credibly on studying at Deutsche Telekom if not the participants themselves? Since I enjoy working with many different people, assignments like this are a real win for me.

reif magazine is also available in a print edition. You'll find exciting topics such as dealing with artificial intelligence, 5G, and the answer to the question "What does a digital beehive look like?". You can order our youth magazine in poster format free of charge, hang it up, and distribute it.