Diana Schnetgöke


#Playyourday and create your own special working day.

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Standard day in the job videos are boring, #playyourday is far from standard. Every decision you make leads you to a new adventure. You can choose whether to pour yourself some coffee or tea, ride a bike or fly a helicopter to work, even what you have for lunch! It’s all up to you. Altogether, there are 5.760 possible adventures. We want you to experience an authentic day in the job from your own perspective. Now it’s time for you to decide how your day goes!

What is #playyourday?

#Playyourday is part of the wider #loveittobits campaign which aims to remind people what made them fall in love with technology in the first place. It’s about communicating with you... yes you, in a new more playful and engaging way. #Playyourday is a day in the job video with a twist, rather than just sitting and watching some boring video it invites you to make choices that affect the path your day takes. 

Visualization of an 8bit-game

With #Playyourday we want you to experience an authentic day in the job from your own perspective. Now it’s time for you to decide how your day goes!

Why did we make it?

Believe it or not our research shows that some people think of us as being slow, boring and hierarchical, we just had to set the record straight on that. What better way to show that couldn’t be further from the truth than to give people the opportunity to experiment an authentic day in the job and let them see for themselves what it is really like working with us?

What’s in it for you?

Well first of all you can have fun trying out the different options and seeing where they lead you, some may even surprise you. The biggest reason to play though is that it gives a great insight into what working with us is really like, it was made entirely by employees using their own experiences as the basis for the various paths so you will find no marketing agencies glamming things up just a real straightforward view into our daily lives. Of course if you like what you see and we are sure you will then you can easily search our open positions.

How do you #playmyday?

Just head to our campaign website. as the video plays you will be presented with choices just click on the option of your choice. When you close the video you will be taken to a page where you can choose to see our open job positions or even play some retro games to remind your first experiences with technology that inspired you to follow that path.