Johanna Emmert


Social Media – #TakePart live on site

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Through the practical component of my cooperative degree program I encounter many new challenges on a daily basis that give me exciting, interesting experiences. Today I'm going to show you what a day as a social media reporter at career events looks like for me.

During my practical phase, my department has many opportunities to assume the task of social media support at trade fairs and other events. In preparation, our social media team provides a briefing with the "good to know" details and guidelines that must be observed. Then I can get started.

My day - on tour

On the day of the event, the first thing I do is check out the event location. Then I start thinking about what elements of the day should definitely be presented on our social media channels. To accompany the day authentically, I am granted flexibility in choosing pictures and can freely select what I want to share. I write a brief statement for each picture, describing what's going on. I also have the possibility of making videos of the day's happenings and interviewing people, to give an impression of the local mood.

On the picture a woman makes a Selfie.

Live at the event.

Thanks to the exciting discussions and my smartphone as constant companion, I can provide as many interesting insights as possible. I have a lot of fun sharing my experiences and, of course, maintaining contact with our community through comments and responses. It's an amazing responsibility that provides something new every time and is always good for surprises. The great thing is that as a cooperative student, I am given the opportunity to attend events and take responsibility for our communications.

Behind the scenes

The cool thing about live communications: we share backstage news and individual insights from the day. You see what's happening right now and can be the first one to find out the lucky winner of an award, for example. This takes communication to a personal level and gets you to our great events through our channel. As an insider, I know exactly when the exciting moments will take place and can be in the right place at the right time. This lets me get to know the event from a different side, since I am focused on many more things.

Our live communication varies depending on the trade show or event. You can follow our posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We also publish interesting articles and background reports on Xing and LinkedIn.

Our tip for you: To be sure you don't miss any of our exciting insights, subscribe to and follow our social media channels, so you can keep up to date on where we are going as an employer and which exciting stories we have to tell. 😉