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It's all about people – Unlocking the future of our talent

Personal and professional development of our people has always been of great importance at Telekom. Talent management has now been fundamentally revised. Sia Braimi, Talent Management Expert, is responsible for communication of the new Talent Framework. She gives a deeper insight into the concept of the new development program.

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What is the „New Talent Management“ purpose?

Sia: We are on a journey towards becoming a digital and human centric telco. We are in need of genuine talent, who will drive Telekom into the digital future. Colleagues guided by data and obsessed about delivering a superior customer experience, serving employees and transforming the organization. We are in need of people that are on top of their field of expertise, who are passionate and challenge the status quo to create outstanding products.

Talent Management isn’t new in the Group. Why did Telekom revamp it?
The New Talent management concept has been revamped in order to create a direct link to the strategic needs of the company. The aim is to develop diverse talents towards the future Telekom capabilities, as well as effectively place them within Telekom. We seek to provide opportunities to our people to grow and develop their career!

What’s in it for the Telekom employees?
Telekom employees from across the Group and from across all segments who successfully enter the talent pool, will be offered opportunities to learn, develop and achieve great results whilst shaping the future of our industry. Employees will benefit by enhancing their personal development while being part of a network of like-minded community. They will have an increased chance of taking on a value adding and impactful role or project. Furthermore, talents will be linked to succession management.

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Unlocking the future of our Talent at Telekom

How can I participate in the new program?
The employee can be nominated to enter the talent community either by their manager or alternatively they can take their future into their own hands and self-nominate. Following the nomination process the employee will be invited to take an online assessment.

Can all employees participate in this program?
 The program is tailored to all professional functions and segments of the Group. In Germany we will start with the executives and in our international companies, both executives and non-executive employees can participate.

What are the requirements for employees to participate?
We are searching for talented individuals who want to have fun and grow within our organization whilst working hard on delivering great customer experience, solving pain points and challenging the status quo. In the selection process, we look at the employee’s past achievements as well as the ability to deal with challenges and complexities. Of course, the employees abilities, attitude to work, and ambition to grow must fit.

How does the result look like? Do the participants receive a certificate or anything else?
After entering the talent pool, the employee will be immediately linked to succession planning and their customized personal development journey will begin. A menu of development options will be offered together with the opportunity to work with a professional talent broker in order to grow their career.