Nadine Mühlbradt


Deutsche Telekom's corporate culture – our vision of a digital future

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We are creating a culture of integrity, respect, and tolerance for personal abilities and lifestyles and thus laying the foundation for successful collaboration.

Keep hold of your emotions. Share experiences and ideas. Connecting with others is part of human nature. As one of the leading companies for information and communication technologies, we relentlessly strive to fulfill our mission of bringing people together – even if they're thousands of kilometers apart.

Our innovations aren't just trailblazers for this digital future. They are created as part of a workplace and corporate culture in which sharing ideas is at the top of the agenda, and the seemingly impossible is made possible. To drive global connectivity forward, we use the best tools and technologies, we are constantly learning, and we grow with every new challenge.

Our corporate culture is a key factor here. Five Guiding Principles represent the cornerstones of this culture. They are crucial tools and also represent our values and what we believe in. 

The Guiding Principles are the basis for cooperation with our customers, shareholders, and the general public. Top management at Deutsche Telekom has pledged to exemplify these values and reflect them in all our activities. It is the goal of all employees to fill this vision and our values with life.

Deutsche Telekom’s five Guiding Principles

  • Customer delight and simplicity drive our action!
    Our first principle involves the company’s most important asset: our customers. It's about their thoughts, emotions, needs, and experiences. Customers are what drives Deutsche Telekom's success.
  • Respect and integrity guide our behavior
    This second principle is about more than just respect among colleagues. It also involves respect for customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, and for society and the environment at large.
  • Team together – team apart
    The third principle has to do with our culture of cooperation. Teams have to be able to discuss issues openly. There has to be room for differences of opinion and for tough, controversial discussions. Once a decision has been made, however, it must be implemented thoroughly and consistently by all team players.
  • Best place to perform and grow
    If Deutsche Telekom is to become the most highly regarded service company in the industry, it needs good, motivated employees. That's why this Guiding Principle requires all management staff to recognize individual commitment and success and to promote a positive environment with opportunities for growth and development.
  • I am T – Count on me
    The fifth principle represents every employee's own personal commitment. It means, for example, that each and every employee will apply himself or herself personally to solving a customer's problem. The "customer" in question could be an end consumer, or it could be a colleague, business partner, or other partner of the company.

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