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Empowering Women in Tech: The thriving Hyperscaler Women's Community

In a world where women are increasingly making strides in technology, initiatives like the Hyperscaler Women's Community at T-Systems are essential for fostering empowerment and growth. Spearheaded by Rachel Linnemann, VP Global Hyperscaler Managed Services, this monthly gathering brings together women from various units to share knowledge, inspire one another, and drive personal and professional development - true to its motto “Diversity is a fact- inclusion is a choice. And inclusion starts with you”.

Foster inclusion through female networking

The community unites women to share knowledge, find inspiration and develop themselves. © Deutsche Telekom

Since their inception in March, the community virtual gatherings have experienced steady growth in participation, serving as a dynamic platform for coaching and enablement. These sessions are centered around five key building blocks: personal branding, communicating one's brand effectively, cultivating networking and relationships, enhancing professional presence, and fostering the three confidences (technical, political, relational). Through engaging discussions and tailored guidance, participants are empowered to refine their personal and professional identities, strengthen their communication skills, expand their networks, and gain confidence for their careers.

But it's not just about self-improvement; the community call also aims to address broader issues facing women in the tech industry. Planned topics for upcoming gatherings this year include enhancing the visibility of females, as well as the presentation of DEI-programs and corporate partnerships, fostering female empowerment. 

Guest speakers like Juliane Bülow, Head Cloud Strategy & Transformation, and Jill Hassler, Head of Strategic Partner Business Germany, bring valuable insights and inspiration to the table, enriching the discussions and motivating participants to reach for new heights in their careers. 

One unique aspect of the initiative is its focus on connecting women across different countries within the Hyperscaler Unit, allowing them to build networks and support systems beyond their immediate teams. 

The Hyperscaler Unit Women's Community Call is more than just a gathering - it's a testament to T-Systems' commitment to gender diversity and female empowerment in the tech industry. By providing a platform for women to learn, share, and grow together, it's paving the way for a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all. 

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