Jana Hitzel


VR and AR – more than just hype

Many general day-to-day things are being made easier thanks to new digital trends. And the new buzzword for this is digitalization 4.0. These digital trends are now even commonly used in the recruitment of junior staff and make completely new leisure experiences a reality.

But let’s first take a step back: What is a digital trend exactly? Two keywords are omnipresent here. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Woman wearing virtual reality glasses.

VR refers to a digital image of reality that is created on a computer. You can immerse yourself in an artificial world that is remarkably real. AR is where digital and analog worlds come together. You are not completely isolated from reality – your normal environment. Additional information is displayed in your field of vision via a headset or similar device. This is being used more frequently and is intended to assist employees in the Service/Technology unit when performing service work.

But how does this technology change the search for jobs and the recruitment of junior staff? Also with VR headsets.

The first VR games have been launched that recruiters can use to highlight the qualifications and skills of the applicants in a type of assessment. They can also draw conclusions regarding the applicant’s behavior in certain situations by analyzing the game. One of the companies making use of this method is an IT consultant in Karlsruhe.

A further contact point is the 360° perspective of jobs and working methods. This is primarily used at career fairs or for corporate presentations.

VR headsets can also be used in everyday working life and are aimed at supporting employees in training and advanced training events in a way that is as close to reality as possible. Texts or process steps are displayed in the user’s field of vision and therefore assist the user in learning new process steps.

And what about VR during leisure time? Simply put on your VR headset and MagentaMusic360 gives you the chance get on stage with your favorite band or simply rock among the crowd – any time, any place: Just immerse yourself in your favorite band’s concert.

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