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We are here to help you in your professional orientation. With the Career Matcher, webinars, and the “reif” magazine!

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Are you on the lookout for your perfect career and are unsure what direction to take after finishing school? Deutsche Telekom is here with the Career Matcher, webinars, and the “reif” magazine to help you in your professional orientation.

For many of us, figuring out what should come next after finishing school is no mean feat. The wide range of opportunities on offer doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. I was definitely unsure what to do after school. Should I, for example, do vocational training – where you gain a lot of practical knowledge – or a degree, which offers a more theoretical and scientific insight into various different topics.  What I found helpful was experience reports, behind-the-scenes insights, and the right support. I’m convinced that this can help everyone find the right professional training for them. We’ll help you find the right path!

Image from the Reif poster magazine

Our “reif” magazine

The youth magazine, “reif” offers readers the latest news from the world of technology and IT. It talks about today’s lifestyle and provides multimedia insights into the wide world of Deutsche Telekom.

Online or offline – either way works! No matter where you are, on your phone on the go or at home on your PC – the online version is always at hand. As a school student, it offers answers to all questions you have related to digitalization, digital lifestyles, the ideas of the future, and careers. In addition to the online magazine, there is also a physical version – very old-school – of the “reif” magazine which is also available for free. The cool thing though? You will always find exciting information in the oversize poster magazine that can help you get ahead.

Our colleagues at “reif” are also available on social media to ensure every question gets answered. In addition to the official telekom careers channelthey will also answer any questions you or other readers may have regarding careers and jobs for school students.

You can order the poster magazine here. You can also find the pocket-friendly online version here.

Webinar –Schüler X Telekom (school students X Telekom)

This is a free, virtual event. All you need is a computer or a mobile device. Here you will receive, for example, exclusive experience reports on vocational training or cooperative study programs. Our trainees and dual students will take you on a journey into the world of Magenta. They tell you about everything Deutsche Telekom gets up to and how they ended up doing their own training there. They report on their day-to-day work as part of the vocational training or degree and point out all of the opportunities available to junior staff at Deutsche Telekom. You will also, of course, receive information on the advantages offered by Deutsche Telekom.

Interested? You can find the next dates here. Sign up now.

Chat history with the career matcher

Career matcher

What area am I interested in? What motivates me to work and what is the right position for my personal interests? If those are the questions you keep asking yourself, then our Career Matcher is just what you need. Simply have some fun answering questions regarding your interests and motivations. Once you’re finished, we will then recommend you suitable job offers. Using our Career Matcher will have you well on your way to identifying your interests and strengths and will help point you in the right direction.

It’s super easy, go here and give it a try!