Diana Schnetgöke


youlearn day: Time to be inspired and explore future skills

On October 27th, 2021 the spotlight in Deutsche Telekom will be set on learning. The second edition of the youlearn day, a fully digital learning event, will take place. All employees will have the chance to participate and start their learning journey on most future-critical business topics.

Disruptive technological progress and innovation is under our eyes and they are tangibly affecting our everyday life. Robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, connectivity sounded like science fiction terms or tech jargon a few years ago, but they are now an integral part of our daily routine.

And this is even more true in the labor market, where skills requirements are rapidly changing because of fast pace technological changes and innovation. Many studies clearly state that in a few years around half of our skills won’t be needed anymore, while new ones will be emerging and increasingly requested.

youlearn day 2021

Deutsche Telekom global and fully digital event devoted to learning and skilling.

It goes without saying that having the right skills on board is crucial for business and professional success.

Deutsche Telekom is committed since years in supporting employees to acquire future competences and continuously investing in providing them with all necessary instruments to be able to develop, evolve their skills and shape their future together with the future of the company.

That’s why, after a first successful edition last year, learning will rock the stage again during the youlearn day on October 27th, 2021.  

A Global Digital Event fully focused on learning in most relevant business topics aiming at increasing employees’ awareness on future critical skills and trigger them to become engaged learners and invest in their future.

Nearly 40 sessions, learning impulses, inspiring speeches, and debates on topics like coding, telco network ecosystem, AI, data, customer centricity and many more. Additionally, orientation on the various learning offers as well as the chance to network and exchange with colleagues on these subjects will be offered.

In other words, a full immersion into the topics which will be more and more become our bread and butter. People from all around the world can digitally participate and flexibly build their agenda by picking topics based on their interest.

The youlearn day highlights the passion of Deutsche Telekom for people development and success and it’s only one element out of a wide range of initiatives and learning opportunities which are available. It’s part of a broader learning initiative aiming at fostering a new learning mindset and encouraging the employees to embrace change as a development chance. All of this enabling them to learn new skills and feel supported to continuously do so thanks to a learner-friendly ecosystem, innovative learning experience platforms and state of the art content.

The youlearn day is a symbol of our core values and highly contributing to encourage our people to “stay curious and grow”.