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Your application process for a trainee position

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Our trainee program Start up! is perfect for ambitious university graduates who are ready to launch their careers! You can choose from ten areas of specialization to build your own customized training program. You will be able to work independently on challenging projects in your home country and abroad – this experience giving you insights of great value when assuming future roles and responsibilities in the company. To be on the safe side, we suggest that you submit your application at least four months before your planned starting date.

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Here’s how the application process works

Online application

Your online application starts in our portal. Enter all of the information you want us to know when we review your application. You can also upload relevant documents, certificates, etc. And all of this only takes about 10 minutes!
As soon as your data reaches us, we will send you a confirmation e-mail to let you know that everything has arrived.

Document check

Now it’s our turn – we will check your profile and see if it matches the job requirements. In addition to your skills and qualifications, we are also interested in learning more about your personality traits.

Online test

After about two weeks, you will be invited to take an online test. This online test will give us more insight into your abilities and talents.

Selection day

About four weeks later you will be invited to visit us at the Assessment Center in Bonn, Germany. At the group assessment center, you will have to opportunity to impress us with your personality. We will want to see how you react in specific job situations – especially in terms of teamwork and creativity. What’s more, you will have an opportunity to see your likely workplace and a department employee will also interview you to find out more about your qualifications. If everything goes well, we will offer you the job on the spot!

Your first day of work

Our training program has four starting dates during the course of a year.  
You can choose one of the four dates as your first work day and the start of your new career.

+++ Hot News +++ Apply now for a program entry on 01.12.2018! Don't hesitate, here you can find our trainee positions.