Lisa Maria Neunkirchen


Partners in Dialogue: Meet Bullitt

In the ever-changing landscape of evolving technology, innovation is driven by strategic collaborations. The Deutsche Telekom AG Group Partnering & Devices team has energetically connected with startups, scale-ups, and established industry leaders to transform the telecommunications landscape. 

Today, we are excited to share an exclusive interview with our partner, providing an insider's perspective on the driving forces behind these successful collaborations. Meet: Bulitt


The problem

The challenge lies in providing reliable connectivity, especially in areas with limited network coverage or during outdoor activities. The absence of phone signals in remote or fringe areas poses a significant issue, resulting in billions of hours globally without a stable connection, leading to potential communication breakdowns and safety concerns during emergencies.

The old method

Traditionally, individuals facing network challenges in remote areas relied on standard smartphones, which often proved ineffective in providing consistent connectivity. The limitations of Wi-Fi and mobile reception in these locations meant that staying in touch with colleagues, friends, and loved ones was challenging. Moreover, the lack of a reliable lifeline during emergencies further exacerbated the risks associated with being in areas without adequate signal coverage.

The new method

Introducing the Motorola Defy satellite link, a revolutionary satellite hotspot device designed to empower any smartphone with the capabilities of satellite connectivity. This innovative solution aims to supercharge existing networks, providing a reliable communication link even in the most remote or signal-challenged areas. The Bullitt Satellite Messenger app offers true two-way messaging, ensuring constant connectivity without relying on Wi-Fi or mobile reception. The satellite SOS service adds an extra layer of security, providing a dependable lifeline in emergencies. Partnering with world-class tech, satellite, and network infrastructure experts, this solution is designed to be one of the most reliable satellite messaging services globally. The Motorola Defy satellite link not only addresses the problem of connectivity in fringe areas but also offers life-proof features, such as IP68 rating for sand, grit, dirt, and dust-proofing, as well as full waterproof capabilities. It exceeds MIL-SPEC 810H standards, ensuring durability and functionality in various challenging environments.



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