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Partners in Dialogue: Meet RanMarine

Within the dynamic landscape of evolving technology, innovation is fueled by strategic partnerships. At Deutsche Telekom AG’s Group Partnering & Devices (GPD), we have engaged with dynamic startups, scale-ups, and established industry leaders to revolutionize telecommunications to become the leading digital telco.

Today, we are thrilled to present exclusive interviews with our partners, offering an insider's perspective on the driving forces behind the success of these collaborations. Meet: RanMarine


The problem

Pollution, bio-waste, and debris in waterways pose a significant threat to ecosystems, necessitating innovative solutions for sustainable water management.

The old method

Traditionally, addressing water pollution involved manual clean-up efforts and periodic monitoring that often proved time-consuming, resource-intensive, and inefficient. The lack of advanced technologies hindered the ability to manage and prevent pollution proactively. The reliance on conventional methods limited the scope and effectiveness of environmental preservation initiatives.

The new method

RanMarine pioneers a new era in water management by developing and deploying autonomous water drone technology. At the forefront of this innovation is the WasteShark, an autonomous surface vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence. This technology allows for the autonomous navigation of water bodies, enabling efficient and continuous waste removal. The fleet, including the TenderShark and MegaShark, further expands capabilities. Additionally, ongoing research and development efforts focus on introducing commercial solutions like the OilShark and SharkPod. RanMarine's holistic approach combines cleaning, monitoring, and maintenance, contributing to global initiatives to reduce pollution and foster healthier aquatic ecosystems.

This is where Telekom's Precise Positioning solution comes in. “Telekom's system is significantly more reliable than public corrective services and works out-of-the-box," said Richard Hardiman, founder and CEO of RanMarine Technology. "In addition, the service is available in almost every area where our WasteShark is deployed. Precise Positioning provides us with the accuracy and scalability we need to continually evolve our Aqua drones." 

Deutsche Telekom and Swift Partner Case Study on RanMarine for download. (pdf, 422.2 KB)



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