Lisa Maria Neunkirchen


Partners in Dialogue: Meet ZOOM

In the ever-changing terrain of technology, innovation thrives on strategic collaborations. Deutsche Telekom AG’s Group Partnering & Devices (GPD) has partnered with dynamic startups, scale-ups, and established industry leaders to reshape the telecommunications sector and position itself as the foremost digital telecommunications company. 

Today, we are thrilled to present exclusive interviews with our partners, offering an insider's perspective on the driving forces behind the success of these collaborations. Meet: ZOOM


The problem

The challenge lies in meeting the specific communication needs of business, corporate, and public sector customers in the German market. Existing solutions may lack seamless integration, security, and the ability to cater to diverse communication requirements across various devices and locations.

The old method

Previously, businesses faced the complexity of managing their phone systems for voice communications. This often resulted in fragmented communication services, requiring users to navigate different applications and systems. Meeting participants' data may have been stored in various locations, potentially raising concerns about security and compliance. The absence of a unified platform hindered the seamless coordination of meetings and telephony across devices and locations.

The new method

In response to these challenges, Zoom Video Communications and Deutsche Telekom have collaborated to introduce Zoom X powered by Deutsche Telekom. This innovative solution integrates Zoom's renowned video communication platform with the robust benefits of Deutsche Telekom's network. Zoom X, developed exclusively for the German market, offers real-time media within Deutsche Telekom's network, ensuring data security and compliance. Users can effortlessly set up and manage meetings across all devices, and Deutsche Telekom provides dial-in phone numbers for Germany and 50 other countries. The solution eliminates the need for businesses to maintain their phone systems, offering a unified communication experience. Additionally, Zoom X facilitates a smooth transition to a hybrid workspace by combining all relevant communication services and providing comprehensive support and assistance through Deutsche Telekom. This collaboration represents a tailored and bespoke business solution designed to address the unique communication demands of the German market.



Deutsche Telekom focusses on close cooperation with partners, using an open innovation strategy.