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Goodbye remote control, hello voice control

What many people don't know: The TV can also be controlled by voice. Turn up the volume, turn down the volume, switch channels, search for movies or program a recording. All this can be done conveniently by voice command. No more annoying tapping on the remote control, just say what you want.

This has been working with Magenta TV since 2019. Users can speak their commands into the voice remote control or into their smartphone via the Magenta Home app and thus control the TV. Or they can use Telekom's smart speaker.

Goodbye remote control, hello voice control.

Goodbye remote control, hello voice control. © Deutsche Telekom

Successful service with regular use

Around a quarter of all Magenta TV customers who have voice enabled remote controls use voice control regularly. And those who have tried it few times tend to stick with it. "Language has come to stay," is a popular saying among experts. 

At the top of the popularity list is searching - for your favorite actor, the latest news or free (children's) movies. Voice also beats the classic remote control when switching channels or programming a recording. The same applies to opening apps such as media libraries, Netflix or YouTube.

High satisfaction

What appears to be simple is the result of highly complex speech processing. Every command has to be broken down into its components, understood individually and processed. Not an easy thing to do, especially with foreign-language film titles or actors' names that are not commonplace. "Dirty Dancing" and "Night on Earth" still seem easy compared to "Javier Bardem" or "Shia LaBeouf. Besides correct pronunciation, dialects also challenge the voice assistant.

We seem to have succeeded, because the Net Promoter Score (the scale used to measure customer satisfaction) is very good and in some cases even higher than that of our competitors. That makes us proud! And we're working on improving the quality even more, so that even more customers discover and actively use voice control.

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Reghu Ram Thanumalayan


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