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Come in: virtual tour of the GOP Theater Bonn

Welcome to the GOP Theater in Bonn. You are not (yet) on site? No problem! Simply explore the theater online in 360 degrees.

Oliver Kepka, Project Manager from Segment Marketing SME, and Mark Schüler, Director GOP-Theater Bonn.

Oliver Kepka, Project Manager from Segment Marketing SME, and Mark Schüler, Director GOP-Theater Bonn. © DTAG

You are planning an excursion or the next trip. Of course, it would be great to see the location beforehand. For example, find the best seat in the restaurant in advance. Or inspect the rooms of the hotel you've booked. So-called VR tours make this possible. 360-degree images or videos of a place, room or even entire houses are recorded. In addition, there is the option of using information boards or other media such as a short film or sound recordings. Altogether, this results in a special virtual experience for (future) customers and interested parties.

The GOP theater in Bonn tried it out and created its own VR tour in a VR shoot that lasted several hours.

GOP Theater Bonn in 360 degrees

The variety theater has a lot to offer: unique shows, a piano bar with live music, and the Leander restaurant. You can explore all this online in a 360-degree video. Except for the shows. You should experience them live.

The VR tour at the GOP Theater Bonn offers a complete tour of the premises, starting from the street to the entrance and the foyer. From there, visitors can move on online to the theater hall and the associated bar. Of course, the Piano Bar and the Leander Restaurant can also be explored virtually. Guests are greeted personally by the theater's director Mark Schüler. Other employees appear in the various rooms and make the tour seem particularly lively. Curious about the VR tour? Then take a look at the website: (external link).

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