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Digital X: Flexible networks keep business agile

Imagine being a CEO, CIO, CTO or technical director - and being able to integrate new locations into your company network at the touch of a button. Or give your network more bandwidth. Welcome to reality - and to MagentaBusiness Networks at Digital X, on 13 and 14 September in Cologne! 

At the showcase of digitisation, Telekom will demonstrate how networks support your business - and at the same time contribute to data security. The terms "IntraSelect SD-WAN", "SD-X platform", "Premium Internet" and "SASE" each conceal new possibilities for the network.

Data network

Bringing new locations into the company network or adjusting bandwidths: also possible at the touch of a button.

SD WAN stands for Software defined Wide Area Networks. They combine the most diverse paths for data transport. Customers need these flexible yet secure connections because data traffic in the networks is increasing rapidly. And because applications are increasingly no longer located in their own data centres, but in public clouds. SD-WAN offers virtualised network services: Functions that used to require hardware are now available as software. Your service provider gets your new locations into the existing network quickly. And you get flexible bandwidths - as well as faster help in the event of faults thanks to a thinking incident management system.

Intraselect SD WAN combines connections via MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching, a method for transmitting data packets) and the Internet with control software from Cisco - secured by a service level agreement. The agreement reliably defines essential performance parameters, such as access times and availability. Intelligent routing, simplified cloud connectivity via the Internet and extended monitoring - you can see live on your screen which of your applications is currently accessing the network with which bandwidth. And if new plans require more data, customers can adjust the bandwidth in good time. And so the new branch in London, Rio, Torgelow also flashes very quickly. 

Ordering at the touch of a button 

Telekom's SD-X platform opens up even more possibilities. SD-X stands for software defined anything. The platform offers you fully automated end-to-end processes and a self-service portal. Whereby you actually order your new branch yourself at the push of a button. Or order further IT services such as a bandwidth change - just like on a marketplace. In the first step, the platform integrates the SD-WAN solution from Juniper Network and, in the future, other providers as well. The vision: to combine any kind of overlay technology with any kind of underlay access technology. Or in less technical terms: the control layer and the transport network of the data. 

Premium Internet

And if fast is not fast enough for the data, stay on your toes with Premium Internet -separately bookable, but also an ideal complement to SD-WAN solutions. The high-performance variant analyses all global data paths in real time and also comes with a service level agreement. Because it integrates the networks of the largest cloud providers, your data is permanently in the fast lane - without any risk of accidents. 

The icing on the cake 

Telekom's annual report reports 52 million attacks on the group's honeypots - per day. Honeypot systems fake weak points in the IT in order to analyse possible attacks and attackers in advance. Dangers also lurk when integrating new locations and new employees into the company network via SD-WAN. Telekom puts SASE in their way - the Secure Access Service Edge. Because the Internet and data security often go together like a tarantula and birthday cake. SASE, on the other hand, is the icing on the cake. Whether employees in the home office, branch offices, IoT devices or applications in the cloud - SASE fuses software-defined networks with modern security architectures. Of course, Telekom's SD-WAN solutions are also secure without SASE. But it is always more convenient to define right from the start which employees are allowed to use which applications. Or who can access the company network and zoom conferences with their smartphone. Roles and rights, cloud connectivity and IT landscape - SASE brings them together. 

And what about sustainability?

SD WAN combines network and control, underlay and overlay in one box. Devices saved, power saved, effort saved. Or more concretely: A logistics company with more than 500 locations and a cloud structure consisting of public and private clouds has saved more than 800 devices with SD WAN - through an all-in-one router for MPLS, SD WAN, fixed network and mobile radio. Maintenance costs have also been reduced. Several hundred service trips per year are no longer necessary. Energy consumption has also dropped significantly. MagentaBusiness Networks drive sustainability in IT and through IT. And help in the data cycle on course for growth and digitalisation.

And if you don't have to imagine being a CEO, CIO, CTO or technical director because you already are - then you should head for the MagentaBusiness Networks in the Digital X Mediapark all the more. For more details, visit

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