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Leader by Business Resilience – Scandinavians Show the Way

We can learn from the Northern Lights that only happy people and community interaction without competitive pressure add to the business resilience of companies in the long term.


In Sweden, people like to go to work. Happy people are the key. This is how companies increase their business resilience. © Shutterstock

In Sweden people like to go to work. Employees are less sick, more productive and show more loyalty to their jobs for longer periods. The key simply lies in happy people. The most frequently asked question there is: “How can we help you?”. Private and professional life go hand in hand. At the typical Swedish coffee break you mostly also cultivate the exchange of private topics. This creates trust. Therefore, Swedish companies are rewarded with flexible, creative, inquisitive, and efficient workers. Employees and companies don’t get their feet cut off so quickly in the event of a crisis – also because they are striving for a joint solution.

They create a culture in which people are brave enough to make mistakes and to take more risks. Projects are discussed and implemented jointly. If someone need support, the community helps. Free development, trust, growing without losing the own identity are the words used by the Business-Happiness Expert Maike van den boom to explain the attitude towards life of the Swedes. This spirit is transmitted to customers and thus to the success of a company. Many innovative companies in Germany have adopted this strategy. Deutsche Telekom can also provide pioneering support in this regard. 

Companies prefer to bring partners on board, to create new structures on a human and technical level. The Swedes also know, soft skills only cannot lead a company to success. Performance based on the last digital technology must also be suitable. Deutsche Telekom supports its customers professionally with digital solutions. Together they create a new working and living environment for the employees and customers. 

Let’s Go Down on Business

On this year’s digital conference NEWCON 2021 of T-Systems MMS, our customers had the opportunity to share their experiences – also concerning the subject Business Resilience and how to improve it. This started an exchange about best practice examples on technologies, strategies, and products. GARBE, KWS Saat, Sachsen Energie, Schwan Cosmetics, Stadtwerke Rostock as well as VACOM presented their practical examples live.

In a video interview companies describe how digitalization has changed their working environment and what this means for them and their clientele: Dr. Klein WOWI sees himself as a digital enabler of the German housing industry. He supports this field with platforms and services to digitize its business model. For Döhler GmbH digitization means to enable simple customer contact directly via a platform. Due to the digitization the Ostsächsischen Sparkasse Dresden and the SBK Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse got more time for the essentials: the customers. Solarwatt sees digitization as an absolute necessity. This allows trends to be detected and problems to be corrected in good time.


My Advice to You

Invite your employees to a Swedish coffee break right now. Listen to them with interest as you enjoy your stimulant. Take the time to get to know the needs and ideas of you employees. And maybe this is the begging of a new long friendship and a better working environment.

What makes a company resilient? You can find weekly Updates and News Posts in our Special about Business Resilience by Digitization.

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